Summary: Studing Chapter 1 of Galatians

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Paul opens his letter to the Galatians church with an affirmation of his identity as an apostle of Christ. He expresses grief that the Galatians have turned from the gospel, and he talks briefly about his own conversion experience.


A. To the saints in Galatians (1: 2):

Paul sends greetings from himself and the Christians he is with.

B. From the Savior in glory (1: 3-5)

1. Who died to save us (1: 3-4a)?

2. Who lives to sanctify us (1: 4b-5)?

II. PAUL’S GRIEF (1: 6-10)

A. The apostle’s concern (1: 6-7):

He grieves that the Galatians have turned from the gospel of grace to the bondage of the law.

B. The apostle’s curse (1: 8-1 0): He pronounces God’s severe judgment on those who dare pervert the gospel message.

III. PAUL’S GOSPEL CALL (1:1, 11-24)

A. The revelation (1: 11-12)

1. It is not of man (1:1, 11):

Any human authority, reasoning, or logic did not compile the gospel.

2. It is not from man (1: 12):

None other than Jesus Christ communicated the gospel to Paul.

B. The review (1: 13-24)

1. Paul speaks of his pre-conversion activities (1: 13-14).

a. His cruelty toward Christianity (1:13):

He persecuted Christians.

b. His commitment to Judaism (1: 14):

As a very religious Jew he followed all the laws and customs.

2. Paul speaks of his post-conversion activities (1: 15-24).

a. His choosing by God (1: 15-16):

He was chosen before he was born, and the Son was revealed to him.

b. His travels from Arabia to Damascus (1: 17)

c. His travels from Damascus to Jerusalem (1: 18-20): Three years after his

conversion, he went to Jerusalem and met with Peter and James, the

Lord’s brother, for 15 days.

d. His travels from Jerusalem to Syria and Cilicia (1: 21-24)

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