Summary: This sermon focuses on Genesis 1:4

We gather on this day to discuss the meaning of Genesis 1. Many people know without a doubt that Genesis 1 is the story of creation. It is in this first chapter that we find out that everything was created. It is because of Genesis 1 that we know as humans that we to have a beginning.

Could you just think for a moment of a world in complete darkness. If this world was in complete darkness we could not see anything that was and is going on in the world. We would probably even complain that it was dark all the time and that we could never see the things around us. Now, God wanted us to see all of the things around us so he blessed us with light so that we could see the things around us.

Even though God has blessed us with light we still seem to complain every single day. We say either it stays light too long, or that we do not have enough light to see at night time. God knew in advance that we would complain about the light from time to time, so he blessed us with daylight and nightlight. One the called day time, and the other he called night time,

The same way that God created day and night is the same way me and you started out from the beginning of time. when we were first born we were born in complete darkness. We were born this way because we did not know right from wrong. We had to depend on our parents or caregivers to show us the right way to go in life.

Once we became of age we began to learn what was right and what was wrong. Our parents or caregivers would teach us the word of God through their actions or words. They would most likely teach us that we had to treat everybody with respect. Some of our caregivers might have even said if you wouldn't treat me that way, then don't treat other people that way. when we began to learn about these things that is when we began to see and learn about the light of the world.

Many people may have looked at Genesis 1:4 as day time and night time only, but I hope today that you have a better understanding, and a new outlook on Genesis 1:4. Now the choice is yours, will you stay unknowning and stay in darkness, or will you dive into the word of God, and become aware of the light? And all of God's children said AMEN!

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