Summary: A discussion on GENESIS 22, showing how the test of Abraham is also a test for us, and in that test, we are given a moment of personal testimony.

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There is one constant in the kingdom of God. Every time God tests our faith, He also gives us something in return. That ‘something’ is a defining moment, and we refer to these as ‘personal testimonies’.

They give witness to the fact that God is active and working in our lives. Two weeks ago, we had some people give their personal testimonies. It is always impacting to hear what God has done in the lives of fellow Christians.

Today, I would like to ask if there are any others who might want to share their testimony with us, to give us another chance to see what the Lord is accomplishing in their lives.


One of my most favorite things in church is listening to personal testimonies. To see evidence of God actively working in other people’s lives is thrilling to me. But there are many ways to offer a personal testimony of faith. One of those ways is through music.

A man by the name of Heratio Spaffard was an American businessman, and he was scheduled to travel by boat with his wife and four children to Ireland. At the last minute, a big business deal kept him from going, so he sent them on and told them he would follow shortly. Halfway to its destination, in the middle of the ocean, the boat his family was on sank, killing all aboard.

When Mr. Spaffard received word of the accident, he immediately chartered another boat and went directly to the place the other boat had sunk. As he leaned against the railing, staring at the spot he lost his wife and children, with as much grief as a man can bear, words began to come into his mind. With tears flooding his eyes and sobs making it impossible to talk, he went to his cabin and began to put those words down on paper.

Those words are found in the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.” Now, Mr. Spaffard was not happy that he lost his family, but knowing they were all Christians gave him peace in his heart, and made his soul feel peace. That was a defining moment for Mr. Spaffard. History shows from that point on, Mr. Spaffard included the Lord in ever aspect of his life, more than he had ever done before. What a divine moment! What a personal testimony!

Francis Havergal wrote many hymns in her life. She said she got most of her inspiration from small moments – defining moments. She said one of the strongest things she had ever seen was a painting of Jesus, wearing a crown of thorns with blood dripping down from the wounds. He is facing Pilate, and the caption of that painting was; ‘This, I have done for thee - - what hast thou done for me?’

When she got home, she wrote a poem about what that painting meant to her, but was so emotional when she read it; she threw it in the fireplace. Have you ever noticed that God intervenes in the most miraculous of ways? As she walked by the fireplace, she threw the poem in, but like most sheets of paper, it flew out and landed on the floor without her seeing it. Her father picked it up, read it, and encouraged her to put music to it. She did, and the result was the hymn, “Take My Life, and Let It Be.”

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George Dillahunty

commented on Mar 4, 2007

Wow! Words cannot express the power in this spirit-filled sermon as pastor Ball continues to let Almighty God use him! What a joy to call him my friend and colleague in the ministry! He continues to inspire me in my own ministry! May Almighty God continue to bless the work that He has given us to do!!

Rod Hall

commented on Feb 26, 2012

edit note: Horatio Spafford''s wife, Anna survived and sent a telegram to Horatio, "Saved alone". They had another daughter later, named Bertha.

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