Summary: Like Noah I would like to hear the voice of God say “come into the ark” where you’ll be safe. Instead, often He is saying “GO OUT OF THE ARK” and face whatever is out there.

Genesis 8 – Part 1 - WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?

I feel as if a flood of memories from the last 10 years is sweeping over me, and like Noah I would like to hear the voice of God say “come into the ark” where you’ll be safe. Instead, He is saying “GO OUT OF THE ARK” and face whatever is out there. It will be a new beginning. God has lifted me up and brought me safely through some stormy times, and when the fountains of the deep burst open God closed the door of His protection and shielded me. But now it’s time to move on. You can’t stay in the ark forever or it becomes a comfort zone. It was never intended to be a permanent dwelling place, just a temporary safe haven, but that hasn’t stopped me from asking “Lord, I want to know where to go to from here.” Noah gives me some good advice for this new year.

Noah is one of the greatest men who ever lived and he knew how to please God. In fact that’s why he was great. I imagine him as an old man, face weathered, hands boney, pure white hair and beard, older than any man I’ve ever seen, although sometimes I look in the mirror and catch glimse of such a man.

I’m a little seasick, like the first time I went out in a boat in the Whitsundays, but I want to know WHERE TO GO FROM HERE.

If Noah was here he would say, “Where you go from here will be determined by your faith and your faith will be tested by what remains after the storm.”

Noah would say, “Let God close the door on your past.” It’s no use carrying around the baggage of my past. Christ died to forgive me. I accept that forgiveness and find a new future by trusting in Him.

Noah would say, “Wait for God’s timing. Sometimes His timing isn’t ours, which means we have to wait. But waiting doesn’t mean doing nothing. Make good use of today.” Noah prepared for the future, even while he was in the ark. He sent out a raven, then a dove and then removed the covering. When opportunity comes it’s too late to prepare. I need to prepare ahead of time. I can always ask God what I need to do to prepare for your future.

Noah would say “Don’t stay in the ark.” It’s easy to stay in that place where God has met me in the past and never progress beyond that point. God wants my testimony to be up to date

What interests me is Genesis 8:15-16 (NLT)

“Then God said to Noah, “leave the boat, all of you—you and your wife, and your sons and their wives.”

The last time Noah heard the Lord speak was when the Lord said, "Come in to the Ark" and then he doesn’t hear anything for a long time - for a year and nearly a month. And then God says, "Go out!" I notice that Noah didn’t ask any questions. I’m sure he was glad to obey! When God has just destroyed the world as you knew it completely, you do as He says, no questions asked.

God bless you Church as you let go of the past and step out in faith and obedience to God this year.

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