Summary: It seems that there is a real vaccum for leadership in our world today. We say conservatism wins -- then we choose a moderate to lead us. Look at this story in Exodus. Read the whole chapter 32 and tell me who is leading and who is following. Moses or Aar

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Genuine Godly Leadership is Priceless

Exodus 32:1-35

READ chapter –

Delay – business meeting. We are planning for this coming Tuesday night.

There was also a delay in the process of God speaking to the Israelites, through the messenger Moses – God was explaining the law to Moses on Mt. Sinai – giving the directions the people needed in order to obey the law -- but the people grew weary. Moses was writing as fast as he could on the tablets -- the law of God.

But – with progress sometimes there are delays.

Meanwhile – back at the ranch, or down at the bottom of the hill the people became weary. They had Aaron, but he was not their leader and they found themselves with an idle mind and their minds became the devils workshop.

1. Real Leaders Must Lead – v. 1-2

Leadership can break down really fast when everyone is not on the same page. Moses was the # 1 man Aaron was the # 2 man but somehow Aaron did not have the ability to let the people know that if they wait on the word from the Lord through Moses, life will be much less complicated.

Aaron – did not have a clue that real leaders must lead. They must know who they are and where they are going! These people got bored with life and they wanted something else to worship. Friends, nothing comes easy. Never has, never will.

2. Real Leaders Must Think v. 2-3

Aaron, what in the world were you thinking? What a deal! Here he is … just a little ways down the mountain from God & Moses and he can’t handle this leadership opportunity. He messes it all up. If Moses dies – Aaron is the man. He is next in line for the big promotion but he can’t even think straight. So to appease these stiff-necked people he says – “ok, give me your gold and while you are waiting on God, let’s do some other worship.” Verse 4 – he took the gold pieces and makes a golden calf and makes a very carnal statement --- “This is your god, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt.” Wow…a golden calf has become a god – let’s give credit to the golden calf god for bringing us out of the land of Egypt? Come on Aaron … think! Do something like depend on God for guidance. How about – pray about it? REAL leaders must think!

3. People Really Need Good Leadership – v.25-26

Moses of course, when he came back down the mountainside from being in the presence of God – he was totally furious with the sin that was going on. Of Course, vs. 9-10, God was furious with their sin as well. But in the middle of all this fury Moses does the real leadership thing very well. Look @ vs. 25-26. Moses says – “ok, you have been unrestrained under Aarons leadership, but you are not going to get away with this under my watch. He says, “Whoever is on the Lord’s side come to me.” Joshua made a statement like this, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Leadership requires a person to lead, and think, and people flounder when they don’t know where they are going! They become unrestrained. They become selfish. They become unmoved by what really matters. I salute someone who is willing to stand up and be accounted for!

4. Real Leaders Will Have Some Questions v. 11-12

READ 11-12 …. You know – real leaders do not have all the answers. Basically, Moses is saying, “Lord, you have done so much for these people, I know they are a bunch of stiff-necked folks Lord, but I am their leader and I want the best for them.”

Friends, real leaders will have some questions about who they are leading but at the basis of their questioning there must be a passion for seeing people succeed as Christians rather than fail. Aaron – had lost a passion for what was best for the people. He was looking to give them some temporary relief … but that was not what was needed. What they needed was for their leader to take their questions concerning the people to God. If you are a leader – just air out your concerns to the Lord … but make sure at the basis of your questions about stiff-necked people is a passion to see them draw up close to the Lord.

5. Real Leaders Need the Help of God. V. 7-10

Now, before Moses ever left the mountain – God told him what was wrong with his people. Moses was in communion with God and God was talking to Moses.

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