Summary: I can’t control/conditions/life I can control/atmosphere/heart

Pastor Allan Kircher

November 9th, 2014

Shell Point Baptist Church

Make it your habit.

Phil. 4:8-9

***all sermons are condensed in form****

Long winded sermons/get here/fight the devil

• Phil 4:1…..not telling them to stand firm/brave heart way

• Not/Daniel/lions den way/saying stand firm/everyday life

• Sometimes/can’t make much progress

• All you do is stand/last place Christ showed you.

• Just standing sometimes/shows strength

• Tells them how/stand--last week/how/brave/waves.

I can’t control/conditions/life I can control/atmosphere/heart.

• When I learn/speak peace/my heart

I can/peace/midst/any storm

• That’s v.6-7/peace of God…..

• Today v.8-9….finally/means /preacher …nothing

• v.7 peace of God. V 9 God of peace………

• Don’t just have peace God gives

I have/God who gives peace.

• Not just his resources but--Revelation his very presence


• Listing stuff, whatever…..true/noble/lovely/admirable.

• Sounds/stoic philosopher says “think about such things”

• Translated means “make it your habit of thought”. ….

• Read like catalog from God.

• Last week Paul says be anxious for nothing…..

• today He says OK you need/absolutely consumed/obsessed

• You can’t live a courageous life w/o have/concentrated mind.

• Last week/anxious heart robs you of peace.

• I believe also an unfocused mind will break your faith.

Fear/faith actually more/common--we put them as opposites

• Both similar that they/both powered by focus.

• Fear/result of focus------faith/also result of focus.

• If your life is currently consumed with fear

• I guarantee you are focusing on the wrong things.


Paul says these whatever things--------fall/list

• Here---checklist/all stuff you can dwell on, focus on.

• A lot/get/trouble/God because our focus what we can’t do

• what we can’t have, just like Adam/eve/garden

• eat/any tree…..which one do we go too—

• the one were not supposed to touch.

Paul/saying, I’m giving you some things you can think about in an unlimited way.

• Here/some examples. Whatever is true,noble….like Joy

• I’m working my bullpen I’m trying to be happy at home.

• Focus about such things, cause faith/byproduct/correct focus


Stop asking God to increase our faith

while were asking He’s telling us/increase our focus.

• Paul/talking/Phil. Church under a lot of persecution.

• Philosophical questions personal issues/political issues.

• don’t make/more difficult/simply/”eye on Jesus.”

• Don’t look/things/get us down/disruptive/fearful

• Don’t mean sound so simple put “Eyes on Jesus.”

Make it your habit…x2 Habit of thought

• go over to 2 cor/show you what else Paul wrote

• thinking this doesn’t match what you had before

• Paul talks about the battle we face in our faith

our weapons/not/worlds weapons--invisible not visible.


If you have thoughts/torment you…………….

• insecurity/shame/ridicule/past/regret

• if you have thoughts/torment you this is/verse

• Memorize cause it will obliterate the opponent you have been losing to all of your life----if you activate this verse.

• 2 Cor. 10:5…argument/anything against God.


When God:

• says your one thing/you feel like another

• Has promised you one thing and another is happening in your vision

• Demolish that argument

• Not just the argument but every pretension…..etc.


Back to Phil 4:8….read…..question today:

• What/holding you back/being what God/called you to be

• From accomplishing the dreams he’s giving you

• From changing/parts he doesn’t like/you/you don’t like

• “what’s holding you back/what’s holding you back”

You/list things, people/financial situations/health conditions

• Here’s what I learned it’s really not/things/holding you back

• Somebody/same row/dealing/same things you’re dealing with

• Their doing it/courage/faith/victory/overcoming spirit

• You’re doing it in fear/weakness

• It’s not/thing/makes/difference

list/same thing/two different people

• not/thing/holding you back

Quit making excuses for you apathy--broken things in your life.

It’s never/thing/holding you back

it’s how you think about/thing/holds you back.


Most of us never stop to think about what we’re thinking about

• never stop to think about/things were thinking about

• think about such things, what things

Whatever is true/noble/lovely pick/things brings God praise Pick/things/empower your spirit

• Pick/things give you a perspective of gratitude

• Think about such things

Tell someone “Make it your habit” we need to learn to do.

• “Make it your habit”

• Paul is saying “look up/all kinds of things/praise God.

There are all kinds:

• Reasons/remember/faithfulness of God

• things God/put in your path to speak to your potential


When you get thought: “Make it your habit”

• Goodness of God/gives life/I can do it/I can make it

• God isn’t done with me. I’m gonna be alright

• “Make it your habit” X3 what habit? whatever is true…

Notice he didn’t say whatever is fact because whatever is fact is not true. I tell you how I know.

• Fact they killed Jesus/his body was/grave

• But/truth he/resurrection/life and if you destroy this temple I’ll build it back in three days.

• That’s the truth that’s the truth “Make it your habit”

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