Summary: We are never defeated because Jesus is in our corner.

Text: 2 Corinthians 4: 8 – 9 : ” We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

Theme: Get back on your feet…the fight is not over yet!


- On the night of 27th April 2013, boxers Sergio Martinez fought Martin Murray for the world middleweight title.

- The fight was scheduled to last 12 rounds.

- During the course of the fight Martinez was knocked down in the 8th round, but managed to stagger to his feet. [e]

- He was knocked down again in the 10th round [e]

- One of the boxing commentators seating next to the ring said that Martinez was finished [e]

- But once again, he managed to get to his feet [e]

- Nobody expected him to win [e]

- Time was almost up [e]

- Only 2 rounds remained [e]

- But he got back to his feet because was not yet over [e]

- And in the last 2 rounds he fought the fight of his life and won [e]

- Why? Because he got back to his feet [e]

- He didn’t stay down [e]

- He refused to accept that he had been destined for defeat [e]


- On April 17th, 1909, one of the longest fights in boxing history took place.

- It was held in Paris.

- Boxers Joe Jeanette and Sam McVey fought each other for the WBO heavyweight title.

- The lasted 49 rounds [e]

- Joe Jeanette was knocked down a total of 27 times during the course of the fight.

- Yet each time, he got to his feet. [e]

- In the 19th round, he was knocked down 5 times [e]

- Everyone thought he was finished [e]

- Yet he got back to his feet every time and made it through the most difficult round of his boxing career [e]

- Finally, in the 49th round, McVey could fight no more and Joe Jeanette was declared the winner and the WBO heavyweight champion of the world [e]

- Boxer, Joe Jeanette refused to stay down on the canvas every time he was knocked out [e]

- He refused to accept that he was destined for defeat [e]

- 2015 has been a trying and difficult year for everyone [e]

- I heard many accounts of how this year has brought challenges:

• Family problems [e]

• Work problems [e]

• Health issues [e]

• Problems with children [e]

• Financial difficulties [e]

- But the year is not over yet [e]

- 2015 may have started off and been bad [e]

- But there are still a few days left [e]

- Let’s not stay down…let’s get to our feet [e]

1. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed

- What an appropriate scripture for our experiences this year [e]

- It’s one thing to have pressure in this life [e]

- But the Bible so aptly describes it…

- We are HARD pressed [e]

- The adjective “hard” indicates that that the devil didn’t just attack you mildly [e]

- But he put an extreme effort in his attempts to destroy you [e]

- When the enemy attacks…

- When problems come, it’s not just 1 or 2…

- But the Bible says it comes from “every side” [e]

- This also tells us that the enemy attacks us numerous times [e]

- Have you ever noticed that it’s been a year of “one-after-another” [e]

- “Every side” also indicates that sometimes we don’t know where to turn to…because it’s on every side [e]

- But with every attack of satan comes the assurance of God…

- “…but not crushed,…” [e]

- This tells us that no matter what the enemy throws at us, we will not be destroyed [e]

- This is a promise of God [e]

2. We are perplexed, but not in despair

- “Perplexed” means confused [e]

- Sometimes we cannot explain why we have to go through difficult times [e]

- We are doing what God wants of us [e]

- We are faithful [e]

- We read the Word and pray [e]

- We attend church [e]

- We are involved in the kingdom [e]

- Let me clear this up…it is because of the reasons that the enemy attacks us [e]

- So that we may get discouraged and give up [e]

- Many time we are “perplexed” (confused), because it’s only happen to us [e]

- No one else [e]

- Not the sinner nor the unfaithful [e]

- But in these time, the Word of God is clear…

- We are not in despair [e]

- That is why the child of God can smile in times of difficulty [e]

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