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Summary: 2 or 13 from Galatians. This is brief sermon on the devotion Christian must have for our personal relationship with God. Its more important than the idea of being a Christian or church attendance.

Get Comfortable

Galatians Series part 2

Baptism and Communion Sunday, August 6, 2006

Intro: It is a historical fact that when Christians study this special book of the Bible, God revives the hearts of the reader. My prayer for our church, for you and for myself is for the Holy Spirit to speak directly to us. Changing any bad theology, cleansing us from sin, teaching us how to live free!

Dr. J. Vernon McGee has written in the introduction to his commentary on Galatians,

”In a sense I believe this epistle has been the backbone and background for every great spiritual movement and revival that has taken place in the past nineteen hundred years. And, my friend, it will be the background for other revivals. I would like to see the Spirit of God move in our land today. I would like to hear the Epistle to the Galatians declared to America. I believe it would revolutionize lives.”

• Have you ever heard the expression: “living out of a suitcase?”

People who travel will use this expression meaning that they are always on their way to another place so they never really unpack their things; they never really get develop the intention to stay put. There isn’t any use in putting your things away cause your going to have to pack them all back up soon and be back on the road.

• God is looking for people who will put down roots, that will eternally commit to Him. He isn’t looking for transient believers or part time Christians. People who as long as “the Jesus thing” is working for them they will be Christian, but if something better comes along, they are jumping ship, they are moving on.

Along that theme I have entitled this message, “Get Comfortable”

God wants you to get comfortable, plan to stay fully committed to Him for eternity.

Get comfortable being around him.

Learn to hear his voice and love His attention

All week I have been asking God, “What should I preach this Sunday?” I knew I would be preaching from Galatians and I also knew that we would be taking Communion today and Baptizing people also. I read and reread Galatians this week listening for that quiet voice of the Holy Spirit to lay on my heart the direction for my sermon.

(This is why I told you to read and reread the book of Galatians, and as soon as you think you got it, read it again. God illuminates to your heart the Scriptures when you’re listening for Him. This is how you should read this book. Saying, “God show me, teach me, speak to me…” And He will. It may or may not happen on the first time through, but He will do it.)

I picked my Bible back up, opened it to Galatians went straight to 1:6 and read it.

Text: Galatians 1:6 “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel”

The phrase “deserting Him” stood out like a spot light was shining on those words.

You see so many people are committed to Church or a religion, or a way of Life.

This Book of Galatians calls us into something much deeper.

Paul is showing us in this Letter how to be in relationship with God.

• How to know God.

• To be moved by our love for God

• If you don’t love God, you won’t stay around, you won’t “get it” God will seem distant, unreachable and hard to understand.

Do you Love God?

Not the idea of God, not even the hope of Heaven (After all, Heaven is where God resides)

I mean do you love God? Do you want to be around him? Give your life to Him? Live for Him?

Do you desire to hear His voice?

Delirious / Prophet Song

I hear the words of the prophet. I love to sing with the angels

I love to hear children praying. I love to see weak made strong

But most of all I love to hear the voice of God

I hear the prayers of the pray-ers. I hear the songs in the silence

I see the joy of the dancers. And all the healing they bring

But most of all I love to hear the voice of God

We’ll call on the name of the Lord

For He is the one who can save

He is the giver of life to the world

We’ll hunger and thirst for your word

For here we will meet you Lord

The voice of the living God, Jesus Christ

Paul says that they were “deserting God” not deserting church, morals or religion.

This book is all about getting free from the law, growing up, walking in the Spirit and loving God.

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