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I love FAT people!!!

➢ I am always looking to be around FAT people because I know God blesses FAT people.

➢ I want to be FAT

➢ Did you know that FAT people have a better reputation in their community

➢ Did you know that FAT people are more successful and get better promotions at work than non-FAT people?

➢ Have you ever thought 'How can I be promoted or How can I be successful?

➢ Even more: Have you ever said "How can I be used by God to make a difference."

➢ Both those questions are answered by getting FAT.

➢ When you think of FAT you may think of a waist line

➢ You may think of the flavorful part of a New York steak

➢ Maybe you hear the word FAT and you cringe you imagine things like heart attacks.

➢ But the FAT I am referring to is not my fisique or my increaseing weight.

➢ FAT is an acronym for the character qualities that I believe leads to experiencing God's plan for your life.

➢ F= Faithful, A=Available, T=Teachable

➢ Over the next 3 weeks I am going to show you that God want’s you to be FAT

➢ Today we start with F=Faithful

Before we get into it let’s start with a STORY

➢ A contractor who worked for one company for over 20 years – he built many many houses.

➢ He was looking forward to doing some traveling with his wife, etc.

➢ The owner of the company asked him to build one more house.

➢ The contractor reluctantly said yes (tho in his heart he was already checked out.)

➢ Half heartedly he ordered concrete, got subcontractors, looked for ways to speed up the process.

➢ He was so tired of working with people who wouldn’t keep their promises

➢ If things were exactly right –that was ok he would just have them nail it in.

➢ He would cut corners and compromise then when he went to buy supplies he didn’t look for the best quality as he had done in the past – he took whatever they had.

➢ He was finally done and he came to his boss and said it’s done and I am retiring , I am out of here.

➢ The owners said ok thanks for the years of faithfulness and to show my appreciation here are the keys to the house you just built, it’s all yours.


MESSAGE – 10:25

➢ The funny thing is God has a plan for our lives and He wants it to be the best. (Jesus calls it abundant)

➢ The situations and circumstances of life (including the challenges) are the materials used to build us into the person God has created us to be.

➢ I can choose to be faithful in life’s matters or I can choose to take short cuts.

➢ In the end I’m the person it most affects

My friend Wayne Cordero told me “It’s not the events that will create your future – It’s how you respond to the events.”

All of us are going to have highs & lows

You will encounter struggles, trials or setbacks in relationships, carreers, on the job or in general.

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