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Get Off the Boat

Stop Sinking and Start Rising


Matthew 14; 27-33

Key Scripture

Matthew 14; 29

29} He said; “Come” And when Peter had come down out of

the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be

acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my Redeemer and Savior Christ


Let us Pray

In this text we will find Jesus right after feeding the 5 thousand.

Lets look right back and you will find that his cousin and the man

who Baptized him John was just beheaded. And after Jesus heard

of this thing he went into a deserted place by himself. Once

everyone heard that he was gone they began to follow him. When

Jesus looked up and saw everyone that had followed him it filled

his heart with compassion and he began to heal all the sick among

them. It began getting late in the evening and the disciples urged

him to send the people away into the village that they might buy

them something to eat. But in mind I can imagine Jesus feeling

some kind of good and didn’t want them to leave {just like when

we are in church having a good time and not wanting to leave} but

back to the text Jesus told the disciples to feed them. They

informed him that they only had two fish and five loaves of bread

(look at God I’m telling you to get off the boat) the story tells us

that Jesus blessed it by praying to his higher power and over 5000

men not counting the women and children were fed and after all

was full the story goes on to tell us that the disciples collected 12

baskets of leftovers.

Now after this we find that Jesus made his disciples get on a boat

and go ahead on in front of him to the other side. In my studying I

found out that the other side was Gennesaret which was on the

west side of the Sea of Galilee in a fertile, well watered area. But

he sent them ahead so he could send the people away. We find

that after he sent them away he went up to the mountain to pray

{you see after the Lord uses you to bless someone you get tired in

your spirit and you have to go back to that same God so he can

restore you and you receive a fresh anointing from Him. When we

spend time with the Lord in Prayer it nurtures our relationship with

him and also gives us strength to face the struggles and challenges

in life. If we allow our self to spend time with God even when our

schedules are busy it will cause us to grow spiritually and be more

Christ like. The story tells us that when evening came Jesus was

alone in the boat at this time was in the middle of the sea. There

then arose a great storm how many of you have had storms in your

life but this particular storm had contrary winds and high tidal

waves. I don’t know about you but if you haven’t had a storm in

your life just keep on living do I have a witness. According to

Webster the word contrary means making forward motion

extremely hard. When I started typing my thought the Lord spoke

to me and told me to tell his people that those contrary winds are

going to come. When we are faced with obstacles in life and it

seems that we can’t move ahead know that you have contrary

winds to fight what is it that we do well lets keep on to see what

happened on the boat. I wasn’t there but they tell me that at the 4th

watch of the night I found out that this was between the hours of 3

and 6 in the morning Jesus came to the disciples walking on the

water. The disciples was just like us you’ll when trouble comes

we get scared but they were screaming and hollowing is it a ghost.

Jesus said unto them be of good cheer for it is I. But oh Peter said

unto him Lord if its you command me to come to you then Jesus

looked at Peter and said Get Out the boat and begin walking know

that Peter wasn’t testing Jesus but he was relying on his faith to

sustain him this is what caused him to see God’s power in a

different way. Just like in our daily situations when God is

working things out for us. But Peter because of fear took his eyes

off Jesus and looked at his surrounding it caused him to start

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