Summary: Breaking the status quo is one of the most important parts of following Christ. But to get past this barrier requires us to experience personal breakthroughs in all areas of our life. Learn how God gives breakthroughs to his people.

The Breakthrough Series:

Breaking The Status Quo Barrier

I Chronicles 14:8-17


On October 1, 1947 Chuck Yeager became the first person to break the sound barrier when he flew the Bell X-1 rocket plane to a speed of MACH 1 at an altitude of 45,000 feet.

In aerodynamics, the sound barrier is the apparent physical boundary stopping large objects from becoming supersonic.

But in 1947 Chuck Yeager became the first human to break through that barrier to a new level of flying.

I want to start a brand new series of talks today I’m calling:

The Breakthrough Series:

Breaking The Status Quo Barrier

Just like Chuck Yeager discovered, I believe we all can learn to break through the barriers we face in our lives.

We all face barriers.

Walls that stand in the way of our making progress.

And if we’re going to keep moving forward in our lives, we’ve got to learn to break through those barriers and get to the next level of living in our lives.

A wise man has said it this way:

“Wherever people find themselves in life, they usually possess the natural desire to move up. They want greater recognition. They want to make more money. They want to live in a better home. They want to advance and improve.”

The problem is that set backs, failures and roadblocks often discourage us and test our commitment to progress and growth.

We’re going to look at a man today in the Bible who faced a daunting challenge.

Just like you and me he wanted to keeping moving forward but faced problems in doing so.

Will you turn with me to I Chronicles 14:8-17


What is a breakthrough?

David gives us the definition of a breakthrough in verse 11:

“…then David said, ‘God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water’.”

Dr. Charles Ryrie says:

“The image is of flooding waters breaking through a dam, as David’s troops broke through the Philistine assault.”

I have a friend who is a surfer. He grew up at the beach in North Carolina and has surfed all his life.

He is a skilled surfer. He knows when the waves are good for surfing he knows what equipment he needs and how to properly use it.

He is a skilled surfer.

However, there is one thing my friend cannot do.

As long as he’s been surfing, he cannot make a wave; he can only ride one.

He cannot generate the waves he can only get ready to catch a good wave and then ride it into shore.

Well, breakthroughs are the same.

I can’t, you can’t generate a breakthrough.

You can only ride it when God sends one to you.

A breakthrough is when God generates a wave and sends it in your direction, and you ride that wave onto dry ground and a higher level of living in your life.

Like a breakthrough of water, God wants to send waves into your life.

Waves that will smash walls that have been built up in front of you.

A breakthrough creates momentum in your life in a new and fresh direction.

And the longer it is the bigger it gets.

Like a snowball that starts out the size of a tennis ball.

If you roll that tennis ball sized snow ball down a long snow covered hill, as that ball rolls it picks up more and more snow until it becomes a boulder sized snow ball capable of creating lots of change.

This is what God wants to do in your life.

He wants to set a new course and give you momentum to help you move in that direction.

I said a minute ago that you cannot create a breakthrough.

But you can prepare yourself for one and then pray for one to come.

How can I prepare myself for God to breakthrough into my life on my behalf?

There are 3 Steps to prepare yourself for a breakthrough.

STEP #1: Admit You Need A Breakthrough.

Admit it!

You and I will not experience the breakthrough we need until we first realize and admit that we need one.

One of the obvious questions you may be asking is:


There are 4 signs that you need a breakthrough in your life.

These are 4 ways of telling whether you are desperate enough for God to break through on your behalf.

I’m going to ask you 4 questions to help you determine if you need a breakthrough this morning.

1. Am I Experiencing RESISTANCE?

Notice with me in verse 8 that when something good happened to David he immediately faced resistance.

Verse 8 says:

“Now when the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over all Israel, all the Philistines went up to search for David. And David heard of it and went out against them.”

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