Summary: When you waste time, it has no resurrection! Use it wisely for the Kingdom.

Getting On Gods Time Agenda

The key to successful Christianity begins when you get on Gods agenda for time and off of your own.

Time is all we have-what we do with it is up to us. We must make the right decisions with our time.

A wise Christian refuses to allow lifes demands to control their time schedule. They manage their time just like anyone else, they just have priorities other than worldly things.

How are we to effectively use our time for Gods/Kingdoms benefit?

1- Seek Gods will in everything

-we are constantly surrounded by other peoples agenda. This may begin to interfere with our agenda. You must invest your time in things that are most important to you and your role in the Kingdom.

-Your relationship with God(Prayer, Study, Worship)

-Your relationship with your family(quality time, fellowship, family events)

-Gods will for you

When you become overcommited you are on your own agenda. God will not give you more tasks than you can handle.

Ephesians 5:17

Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

When you know Gods will, then how to invest your time becomes simple. Take time to determine your priorities. Don’t invest time in things that are not important to you.

2-Learn how to say “NO”

Your schedule reveals what you have chosen to do and what is important. You must realize you have limits to your time. Do not get involved in every single project, or opportunity, or committee, or school function that come along. This will ultimatly distract form your family.

3-Develop good routines

If you don’t make plans for your time, someone else will. This will distract you from your agenda because you haven’t set one. A good daily routine should include time for prayer, family fellowship, bible study, job, and rest. Time is not something that should be wasted. When you kill or waste time, remember that is has no resurrection.

A man once told his wife that he never wanted to live in a vegetative state dependant upon a machine. He said, “If I ever get in that shape, I want you to pull the plug.” She got up and unplugged the television. (source unknown)

4-Look for areas where Gods activity is needed

Invest your time in what benefits the Kingdom the most. Strong families come from within. Too many parents wait till their child is broken to try to fix them. Prevent them form getting broken. Teach your children to read the Bible, how to pray, how to know what is right and wrong in the eyes of God.. Invest time in your community.

5-Schedule unhurried time with God

If you want to grow as a Christian, you must take time each day to pray. It is impossible to know Gods will without speaking to him regularly. A prayer of convience is not convient at all.

God is said to speak in “a still, small voice” (1 Kings 19:12) The prophet Elijah is told to go stand on a mountain and wait for God. He is then witness to incredible winds, an earthquake, and a fire then a gentle whisper. When he heard the whisper he pulled his cloak over his face because God was in that whisper.

Since God speaks the men in a still, small voice, we can find it had to hear him when he speaks. It’s much like receiving a phone call in a house with the TV blaring, a houseful of people talking. To understand and hear the caller we have to remove the noise and interference around us. So it is with hearing God. It may well require removing distractions and things that deafen our ears to the voice of the Lord.

6-Manage time for your health

Too many people overlook the basic needs for themselves-rejuvenation!

-a body must have time to rest. If you are not resting you body is not healing.

-Time spent away from the worlds problems in Gods presence rejuvenates the soul.

-You cannot do 26 hours of work in 24 period. It’s simple math.

Proper time management will allow you the opportunity to get done all that you need to do.

Mark 8:36,37

36 What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? 37 Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

So many people spend endless hours working at an office trying to earn a little extra. Somewhere there is a child who would rather have their daddy home than to have a new swimming pool that summer.

Whats one of the most important things you can do with your time?

7-Use your time to help others grow in Christ

-Evangelize, Teach, Disciple, Lead in Prayer.

-Assist families in need.

-Mentor youth, Invite and bring somebody to church.

Time is the one thing we will never have enough of. It is the one thing we are all running out of. We will have to answer to God someday for how we spent our time here on Earth.

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