Summary: An introduction for kids to telling others about Jesus and sending others by praying for and giving to missionaries. It also includes an invitation to accept Christ in the middle. Can be used as is, or in parts.

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Getting Others Into Heaven

One day there was a really kind rich man. This man really loved little kids, so he thought of something he could do for them. One day it hit him. He would build an amusement park. This would be the biggest and best amusement park in the whole world. There would be rides and games, ice cream and cotton candy, animals, water slides, puppet shows, and everything else little boys and girls would love to do. There would be no grown-ups allowed in this park. It would be just for kids.

You know what the best part of this park would be? Everything would be free. Nobody would ever have to pay anything to get in. Kids could come as often as they wanted, do as much fun stuff as they wanted, and they could stay as long as they wanted.

Well, the man got busy building the park. He hired a group of people to work on the park. They built roller coasters bigger than Superman at Six Flags. They built ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds. There were bumper cars and pony rides. There was a huge petting zoo, and you didn’t even have to put a quarter in the machine to get food for the animals. All over the park there were stands for ice cream and candy, cheeseburgers and pizza, cotton candy and soda. There were huge swimming pools and a nice sandy beach. There were games where you could win huge stuffed bears, but everyone was a winner. There was a theatre for plays and puppet shows. There was even a Big-Top Circus Tent with all kinds of crazy performers.

Well after many years of preparation, the park was finally ready to open. The man was so full of excitement. The park would be full of happy boys and girls. He would see them running and skipping, laughing and joking with their friends. Finally, the day of the Grand Opening came. The man thought, “I sure hope there’s enough room for all the kids to come. I hope we ordered enough French fries to feed them all.” And finally, the moment came, and he cut the ribbon, and opened the gate for all the waiting children to enter. But there was no one there.

Why? Why, the man wondered wouldn’t anybody show up to his perfect park. He tried to think of some reason. It wasn’t a school day, so that couldn’t be it. It wasn’t Sunday, so they weren’t all at church like good boys and girls. He tried to think if he forgot something. Nope. He didn’t forget a ride. He had plenty of good food. He couldn’t think of any reason why nobody would show up.

Does anybody have an idea for me, why nobody would have come?

That’s right. He forgot the most important thing. He forgot to tell people about his park. He was so busy making the perfect park that he forgot to invite the kids. He should’ve put up big signs on the side of the highway. He should’ve told all of the kids in his neighborhood. He should’ve put a story in the newspaper all about his grand park. But he forgot to tell anybody. Now all of his good deeds, all of his efforts were wasted. He had spent a lot of money and several years of his life to make kids happy, but it was all wasted. Nobody even knew about it. He wasn’t making any kids happy, because he forgot to tell them that he could make them happy.

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