Summary: Most families have requirements to be met in order for people to get ready for supper; God does too.

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What are the Requirements at Your House for “Getting Ready for Supper”[Most have Some]

The Requirements Are Probably as Varied in Our Households as the Meals are Varied

Wash Up---Put Shirt On—--Turn T.V. Off—--Put Suit/Dress On—--Wait for Others—--Prayer?

This A.M. As you Can See by the Preparations, We are Going to Have the Lord’s Supper

Is there Anything that You & I Are Required To Do to Get Ready For this Supper?[Yes]

In My Text this Morning Our Father Reminds Us How to Get Ready For Supper

READ TEXT: In V-28 God says thru Paul, “But let a man examine himself, and so…......”

Let us Examine the Text & Ourselves to Be Sure that We Are Ready For Supper

1. We Need to Be SAVED to be Ready for Supper [V-17 says “You” = Church Member]

A. Paul is Writing to the Believers in Corinth—the Saved—Children of God

B. This Supper & Instructions Are For the Family of God [Non-family Not Invited]

2. We Need to Be UNITED to be Ready for Supper [V-18 Condemns Division]

A. Jesus Came to ReUnite Us With God….Surely We Can Reunite Ourselves to Others

B. Ever Shared a Meal With a Disfunctional Family [No Fun}Father says Unite

3. We Need to Be FOCUSED to be Ready for Supper [V-24-25 In Remembrance]

A. Jewish Converts in Corinth Treated Supper Like Passover [Big Meal Plus This Add On]

B. The Focus Is to Be Jesus---Remembering Jesus [Not a Big Meal]Eat at Home

4. We Need to Be REVERENT to be Ready for Supper [24-25 Body & Blood]

A. This is Not a Funeral Service---But It Is a Memorial Service [Honor Greatly]

B. The Elements of the Lord’s Supper That We Handle Are Very Special

5. We Need to Be EXPECTANT to be Ready for Supper [26-Til He Come]

A. Sure Jesus is Here in Spirit…But We are Waiting for Him to Come Bodily

B. As A Place Set at a Supper Table for Family Member Who’s Not There Yet

C. Our Faith is in Action at this Supper When We Are Watching 4 Jesus

6. We Need to Be CAREFUL to be Ready for Supper [29-Or We Condemn Selves]

A. Coming to the Family Supper Table Improperly Prepared Is Disrespectful

B. Have You or Family Member Ever Been Sent Away [Condemned Self]

C. Not to Properly Get Ready For This Supper Disrespects Our Heavenly Father{Condemns Self]

7. Finally, We Need to Be INSPECTED to be Ready for Supper [28-Self Inspected}

A. Most Everyone Looks in a Mirror Several Times a Day to See If We Are Presentable to Others

B. We Examine Selves to See if What Others See is Acceptable to Us

C. We Then Make Adjustments to Ourselves as We Think Necessary

D. Text Says We Should Examine Selves Spiritually Before Coming to This Supper

E. We Should See Ourselves as God Sees us and Make the Necessary Adjustments

F. Sometimes Getting Ready for the Lord’s Supper is a Prayer Away..Let Us Pray

Invitation: Were You Really Ready For Supper? Now is the Time For Adjustments

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