Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A message to today’s church member who does not realize that they might be lost!


Acts 8:5-25

INTRO: Before anyone can be saved, they must first know that they are

Lost!! Church members need to realize that some of them are lost. Today, we will see the tragic story of an unconverted church member.


Simon the sorcerer was a great magician like Houdini. He had the pow

ers of Satan to bewitch the people of Samaria. He proclaimed himself

as a god. He demanded all the people to pay him respect so they

could live as they pleased. He had no desire to help them reform

their lives or improve their worship or devotion. He only wanted to

make them believe he was someone divine.

He came under the influence of Philip. He sees Philip perform

miracles and knows Philip has real power, not magic like his power.

He makes a profession of faith. He wanted this power, so he

professes to believe.

1. This was a head belief and not a heart belief.

2. Satan believes in God, but not for salvation.

3. Too many church members are in the same category.

Simon is baptized.

1. He follows God’s command to be baptized.

2. But baptism is meaningless to an unsaved person.

3. He was a dry sorcerer before baptism, and a wet sorcerer after


Today, religious leaders are encouraging people to take Christ as

they would some wonder drug. He is good for what ails you, they

say. But you don’t take Christ like you do a shot or a pill. You

don’t take him at all. He takes you, but only if you are willing.

And unless you have been taken by him, and cleansed by him, you are



Simon saw the power Philip received and tried to buy this power.

Simon wanted to use God for his own personal gain. This is the same

thing many christians and church members try to do today.

Peter recognized Simon as a hypocrite. Simon was lost from the begin

ning. Peter told Simon to repent or he would be doomed for eternity.

The same is true of unsaved church members.

Simon refused to repent. He asked Peter to pray for him. He wasn’t

willing to pray for himself. No one can accept Christ for anyone


Repent means to stop — turn 180 degrees — and

run to Jesus. When you get there, pray, asking Jesus to be merciful

to you and save you.

Remember, He will take you, you cannot take him. He will cleanse

you, you cannot cleanse yourself. He will save you, you cannot save


CONC: If you do not know Christ, won’t you come to Him today, and let

Him make you a new person in Him?

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