Summary: As Christians, we are free if we are in the will of God.

The Freedom of the Glory

Romans 8 Part I


A We celebrate this holiday because of what happened in 1776. 13 colonies and 56 representatives met with congress and declared that no longer was America adjoined to Mother Europe, and no longer did we need to answer to her.

1 Thus the Declaration of Independence was drafted; the document from which the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was taken.

a The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence says:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (unchangeable) Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

b 225 years later we still enjoy the freedom that the Declaration of Independence created for us: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

2 Everybody wants freedom! (Watch fish swim/ Birds fly . . . free)

a A fish is free in the water, put it on land. Bird free here in Chester, over ocean . . . had a bad day. THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR RELM!

b Christian, if we are in the Will of God, We’re free! (Our relm!)

3 Freedom as an American is different than freedom/liberty Christians find in Christ.

a Americans do as you want, become what you want, conduct myself as I wish.

b Christian I do as, become what, and conduct myself as God wants.

c Out of His will . . . fish out of water, bird over the ocean.

B Romans 8.1-7

1 Spurgeon over a hundred years ago wrote about the depth and richness of the chapter we’ll look at today.

a Read text as responsive reading w/ me reading odd verses and congregation reading even.

b "If one were to shut up to preach only from the eighth of Romans he would have a subject which last a lifetime. Paul sets before us a golden ladder, and from every step he climbs to something yet higher. . ." Heirs of God sermon, by C.H. Spurgeon

c We’ll spend two weeks on this passage.

aa Countless sermons, you’ll hear two.

bb Freedom is what I want to teach you about for the next two weeks.

aa Free from Judgement-Condemnation

bb Free from Defeat-Obligation

2 Let’s look at two freedoms that the believer receives in Christ.

3 Pray

I Freedom from Judgement (Condemnation) (vs. 1-4)

A Condemnation (gk. Katakrima) means that sentence has been given and punishment follows.

1 What brought us to this sorry state.

a Law was broken, crime committed, charges have been brought, court has been convened, the judge is sitting on the bench.

b We are found guilty (no loop holes, lost evidence, appeals) and the sentence is given.

aa Sin always, 100% of the time brings death with it.

bb That’s the law of sin & death in vs. 2

cc God’s law is not sin/death (Rom. 7.12,25)

2 We can’t beat the rap. (We tried to do good, and failed)

a We gave in, surrendered in the flesh, . . . but something hapened.

b At 11.59 PM, the Governor called and said, "Not so fast. I’m sending my Son to take the place of the one up for execution."

aa My place was imputed to Jesus. (conviction, sentence, punishment)

bb What holiness, righteousness, good I surrendered in the flesh, Jesus secured in the flesh (vs. 3)

c Why? To fulfill the requirements of the law in us (vs. 4)

aa It couldn’t be done by us, so He did it in us.

bb What the law couldn’t do (make us holy, righteous, good) God did through His Son. (Jesus did w/ both hands nailed to a tree.)

B There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are IN Christ Jesus. (Why? He’s already been charged with my offense, done my time.)

1 Can you imagine the tears Paul wrote as he wrote that line? (Killed Christians, Gospel, church, WOW!)

2 So when the devil comes to accuse you , point to the forgiveness of God you’ve secured in Christ.

a Cleared of all charges! Records clean!

b Stood before the Supreme Court/ Chief Justice

3 Double Jeopardy (Can’t try the same person 2x’s for the same crime)

a Jesus has already been charged w/ yours/my sin.

b 1 Peter 3.18

aa Since we are in Christ, God will not condemn you.

bb If God asked me today, "Why should I let . . ." I’m going to point to His Son Jesus and say "I’m with Him."

II Freedom from Defeat - Obligation (vs. 5-17)

A Paul makes it clear that the "flesh" has cleaned the clock (poisoned) of his readers, defeated them.

1 The flesh had brought some tell-tale signs/symptoms of defeat.

a No Spirit (Lost),

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