Summary: I used this at new year to remind us of our ever present comforter, as we began this new year. Some very good material dealing with the Holy Spirit.


How many of you have seen the movie Ghostbusters? The premise of the movie is that there are these four guys. They are a mixture of a smart person, a witty person, the muscle-person, and the comic-person. If you’ve seen the movie then you cannot forget Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd playing two very good Ghost Busters. In the movie, they have to end up saving the world when this really bad ghost shows up in the form of the “Stay-Puff marshmallow man”. To end the movie of course they save the world and end up eating big giant smores.

Today we want to talk about ghosts as well. But we don’t want to talk about just any ghost. We want to talk about the ghost of all ghosts. The Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit.

As we start this New Year we are excited about the possibilities that we have before us and at the same time we may be scared or concern for what the future holds. It is upon this premise that I would like to focus today. When the Lord Jesus, began to get to the end of his earthly reign he began to focus on more specific things. The major thing that he began to focus on was his disciples. He began to focus his energies on the very ones who would carry on what he had begun. Understand the situation and the hopelessness that the disciples must have faced when they were told about Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension. Understand the agony of those who had given up their lives, their professions, to follow this man named Jesus; only to be told by him that he was going to leave them. Look at John chapter 14:2, “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.” So Jesus was leaving. What were the disciples going to do? I suppose some of them could go back to fishing. Some of them would probably settle wherever and pick up a job to do close by. Some might even marry, and raise a family. Most of them would probably for sure fade into the woodwork. Surely none of them would continue on doing what Jesus had done, without him here on earth...but. But they did. They continue to preach salvation to the Jews and Gentiles alike. They continued to preach that Jesus Christ was the true way to Heaven, and not just earthly rituals. Some founded churches. Some wrote many books about this man called Jesus. Some of them talked and talked and talked (Addie Mae) about this man named Jesus. Some preached and proclaimed his name in the synagogues and temples. Some gave their lives to prove their devotion to this man, and the belief that he truly was the Son of God.

Okay, I get your point why did they do it. Why did they continue to do the things they did, without Jesus Christ present? The HOLY GHOST! Imagine being alone, but not being alone. Imagine being told that I’m leaving you, but I’m sending someone else just like me. All of a sudden the apostles weren’t so afraid anymore. See Jesus made them a promise. What was that promise? Look at verse 14. Cause and effect relationship again. IF you love me, you will obey what I command. If they do it then what? Verse 15 and I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever---the Spirit of Truth. It’s important to note here that if you look at the text. In the New Testament the word another has two different words with two different meanings. In some places another is Allos or another of a like kind. However, in some places we see Heteros, or another of a different kind. The interesting point is that when Jesus promised another comforter, he used the word allos or another comforter of the same kind as me. Even the word comforter means “one called to walk by the side of.” So this another comforter was going to comfort or walk by the side of the disciples and, then it would be the same as if he was here.

Who knows what the initials WWJD means? What would Jesus do? I’ve seen quite a few people with WWJD bracelets, and bumper stickers, hats, and t-shirts. And it struck me funny that if seems like people are wondering what Jesus would do if he was still here on this earth. Well, I got good news for you folks, Jesus is still here! He is very much here in the form of the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to wonder what Jesus would do. We can ask the Holy Spirit what he would do. The Holy Spirit is compared to Jesus, by Jesus himself.

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