Summary: Have you ever asked God."How will I know for sure?



“How will I know for sure?”

Date: July 14, 2002 P. M Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: Judges 6:12-17


All throughout the Bible, God has called out certain people for certain missions.

There are 4 primary words found in scripture in the original Greek & Hebrew that are translated call:

1. Qara- meaning “to call, call out or recite”

a. The specification of a name

1. God called the light day- Gen 1:5

2. God called forth the generations- Isa. 41:4

b. The calling to a specific task

1. Israel called by God to be His people- Isa. 65:12

2. Gentiles called to salvation by God

3. A summoning for help

c. An interesting note for this word. Lepers were to call out when they came toward people; “Here comes a leper.”

2. Hebrew word miqra- where we get our term call to worship

3. Greek word Kaleo means to call or clamer; to invite

a. Romans 8:30 called to the blessings of redemption

b. 1 Cor 1:9 called into fellowship with Jesus

4. Greek word Klesis which means a calling that is irrevocable

In a time of great despair, when the nation of Israel had turned her back away from the ways and the will of God, and over and over again, “The children of Israel did evil in the sight of God.” A time when God delivered the children into the hands of their enemies because of their disobedience. And once again Israel was greatly impoverished; their land destroyed and many lives lost.

God’s people cry out for deliverance. “Save us from those who torment us.” God again hears their cry and seeks someone to deliver His message to the people; a Judge or a Prophet. He seeks the heart of one who is willing to be used. Not one with great abilities, but someone with availability.

This is such a man we will look at tonight. A man named Gideon. Hebrews 11:32 says; “What more shall I say? For time would fail me to tell of Gideon…” Gideon was called at a time of national distress, a time when the people did not honor God.

Let’s look at what kind of man God calls…

I. He Calls the Courageous.

A. Judges 6: 12 the Lord calls Gideon “a man of valor “; this means a courageous man.

1. These seem like strange words to Gideon.

2. He felt anything but courage. He says to the Lord, “ my clan is the weakest tribe and I am the least in my father’s house.”

3. But God gives him a clue to start in verse 12

B. “The Lord is with you”

1. He must remember as we must also remember, when God calls us to His work, we do not go in our own power we go in His power & His might.

2. Someone once said; “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called.

C. God saw Gideon not only as he was but also as he should be.

1. God sees us the same way. He sees what we are now and what would be in the center of His will.

2. God’s will for us is the same as it was for Gideon

3. THAT WE FIND God’s will and do it.

Some one once said God’s part is to reveal His will; our part is to do it or obey.

God not only calls the courageous…

II. He Calls the Confused.

A. He begins to question God.

1. Why is this happening (verse 13)

2. How can I save Israel (verse15)

3. Show me a sign (verse 17)

B. Even after he obeys God he still tests God. Read verses 36-40

C. The application for us tonight is its alright to test God, but when he proves Himself, and He will prove Himself, we must obey.

III. He Uses the Convinced.

A. After Gideon is sure it is God that has called him. He sets out to do war with the Midianites.

B. Read 7: 1-25

C. God will take the least, the few and those who are totally committed to Him to accomplish His will.


What about you tonight?

What is God calling you to?

Will you be obedient?

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