Summary: Learn about your spiritual giftings

Title: “Where Do You Fit In”

Text: Romans 12:8

Tonight we are going to be looking at the Gift of Mercy! Thank God for the Mercy Person! The Person that is Sensitive to the needs, not only of the Body of Christ, but also to the needs of the World.

The Gift of Mercy is something that we probably don’t think a lot about, but when it is not in Operation, you sure know it! It is a very important Gift that God has placed within the Body of Christ.


I. We Serve A God Who Is Great In Mercy.

Maybe you have never thought to much about this, but if it wasn’t for the Mercy & the Grace of Almighty God, we wouldn’t have a Chance! Where would you be without His Mercy?

Lamentations 3:22-23

“Through the Lord’s Mercies we are not consumed, Because His Compassions Fail not.

“They are new every morning, Great is Your Faithfulness.”


If it wasn’t for God’s Mercy we would be Consumed.

-He never quits loving us.

-He never stops caring for us.

-His Love & Mercy is Renewed Every Morning

God is our Father. His offspring are Suppose to be like Him. If God is a God of Mercy & Compassion, then His Children need to have the same Character Qualities.

Matthew 5: 7

“Blessed are the Merciful, For they shall Obtain Mercy.”


Mercy- The Special ability that God gives to certain members of the Body of Christ to feel Genuine Compassion for People who Suffer

Physical, Mental or Emotional


Let me go a step farther. They can translate that Compassion into Cheerfully done deeds. They reflect the Love of God for people that are Hurting!

This is the Type of Person, that when you Hurt, they Hurt! The Mercy Person, Love to help Hurting People.


Our Culture has tried very hard to Ruin this Gift. We are a Culture where it is not Cool to show Emotion, & Especially in Church.

-Now if you are at a Basketball game you can go Bananas & people thinks it’s normal.

-If you are at a Football Game, you have 100,000 people expressing their Emotions.

But when you are in God’s House, Society says, you are to be Cool, Calm & Collect!

1. King David Was A Man of Mercy.

-He expressed his Emotions.

-He reached out to Mephibosheth.

-He showed this Lame Man Kindness.....

-He did it for Jonathan’s Sake!

-David knew how to Express His Emotions.

-He Danced Before the Ark of the Covenant.

2. The Lame Man in Acts 3 Expressed His

Feelings. (God Touched His Body & He was Excited about it).


Mercy People show their Emotions. They show their Feelings. In the Future when you see a “Mercy Person” expressing their Love to God, I hope that you thank God for them!

-Thank God for the Person Weeping Around the Altar.

-Thank God for the Person who is Sensitive Enough to walk up to you & put their Arms around you!

II. The Gift of Mercy.


Mercy is one of the most familiar and one of the most needed gifts in the body. It is the Motivation to “identify” with & “comfort” those who are in need of Distress.

It aims at helping others by Empathizing with them & doing something good for them. The Mercy Person is a Strong Feeling Person.

1. A Facilitator is a Goal Oriented Person.


-He wants to get the Job Done.

-He has long range goals.

-He or She is Needed in the Body.

-They are Visionary Type of People.

But they may hurt your feelings on occasions in their attempt to get the Job done. These people are good people but they aren’t always as Sensitive as the Mercy Person.

2. Mercy People care very much about your Feelings.


They don’t always get a lot of Big Projects done, because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. They want everyone going in the same direction.

-Mercy people are Feelers!

-They can walk up to a Hurting Person & Minister!

-They feel the Hurts of Others.

-They know when others are Hurting!

If you have ever been Hurt Deeply, you appreciate the Mercy Person. They are very needed within the Body of Christ! But so is the Leader who isn’t quite as Sensitive to your needs!


In our Society, men with the Gift of Mercy are very often Misunderstood. The Mercy Person is suppose to show Mercy with “Cheerfulness”.

But many times they can become very bitter & hard, because at one time they were maybe misunderstood by someone in the Body! How many of you have ever been Misunderstood?

We are taught in our Society to Repress Our True Feelings;

-2 year old boy “Skins his Knee”---boys don’t Cry.

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