Summary: A look now at ’manifestations of the Spirit’ and the first three mentioned: word of wisdom, word of knowledge and faith

Gifts of the Spirit 4: The Word of Wisdom, word of Knowledge and Faith. 1 COr 12:7-9 WBC 12/9/4 pm (Read vs 1-11)


Robin explained well last Sun pm

- different kinds of Gifts (lit gifts of grace)

- service. God enables people to serve differently

- workings: lit ¡¥energentia¡¦. Ie energisings, empowerments to do work

means: many different ways in which you can serve God, build the body, bring the spiritual dynamic.

- lists stacks of examples (not exhaustive) in these passages

o very diverse. Not exhaustive

- and the HS is behind them all.

o The gk mystery religions would have told them different powers and spirits


Now he moves of to a new word. Manifestations of the spirit

- applies to all three: gifts, services and empowerments

= ¡¥thanerosis¡¨

- means literally ¡¥appearings¡¦, ¡¥showings¡¦ of the Spirit

- ¡¥manifestations¡¦ = good word

So, in the body of Christ, the Holy Spirit manifests, shows Himself, in someone. His presence becomes ¡¥evident¡¦. And

- a gift of grace is given (ie a healing)

- someone goes on to serve

- someone is energised to work

- * it covers a whole range of things

And all because the HS has ¡¥shown up¡¦

- which should and DOES happen in a spiritual dynamic

So, here it is NOT talking specifically about someone who has a ¡¥gift¡¦ (ie prophecy)

- = the manifestation (gift?) has THEM

- = about spontaneity

- = orchestrated by the Spirit. As He wills (v11), determines

- explains what happens in the spiritual dynamic among spiritual people (pneumatikon, v1)

o here and now

But, v27 f- someone can go on to move so regularly in these manifestation that they are said to have

- ¡¥the gift¡¦- (of healings, prophecy for example)

- ¡¥the office¡¦ ¡V (of healer, apostle, prophet. For example)

This might answer the question: I keep having these manifestations, God DEFINITELY shows up, but people aren¡¦t healed every time

- that¡¦s okay. You are just having the manifestations of the HS¡¦s presence. It doesn¡¦t mean you have the gift or office, yet

o that might come. Time will tell.

o Right now: God¡¦s just showing up: that¡¦s enough, and a good start.


This is a real eye opener

The manifestation is not the end. Goal. Measurement.

- Illustr: Nigeria. Manifestation = enough for them! Why?

o Maybe wrongly, to them manifestation = measurement (won¡¦t wash to western mind)

o Probably rightly- they have realised that manifestation is synonymous with RESULTS! Fruit!

But actually, here, the manifestation is not the main thing or measurement

- it¡¦s whether it ends up being for the common good that is

o then you¡¦ve hit target

o ¡§the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good¡¨

Seriously: how often do you hear that preached? Hardly ever

- = ¡§the manifestation of the Spirit is for YOU. He comes to bless YOU¡¨

Maybe that¡¦s why we miss out. It vanishes like dew.

- we have not understood the ways of the Spirit. Pneumatikon

You see, a manifestation can be given, but dissipated, diverted or distracted by us as channels

- hence being a ¡¥spiritual person¡¦ is very important

- the character of ¡¥love¡¦ (ch 13) is very important

- * a good channel= a bigger, truer, blessing

Understanding that these manifestations, blessings, aren¡¦t for you, rather for the BODY

- = v important

- because we fail to understand this we can divert a genuine flow of God¡¦s HS¡K a manifestation into

o a trickle. Impotence. Consumer titillation

- (we think it is only about me: therefore it IS only about me)

So- the measurement is not ¡V

- whether it seems powerful (¡§I got blasted¡¨)

- even whether I got encouraged (good though it is!)

= whether it ends up being for the common good. The fruit

- hence why prophecy > tongues

If it doesn¡¦t do others good- we¡¦ve dissipated it, diverted it, dug channels that take it away from God¡¦s intention

- don¡¦t get distressed about this. Just knowing will improve the flow and fruit

Illustr: the Spirit always flows IN a culture that channels and conforms the flow. We are these cultural channels

- So- welsh revival= Wales and singing. So tell us a testimony and sing us a song

- Toronto= consumer culture. So-lie on the ground and just receive. Very few conversions

- Pensacola = Pentecostalism. So- come to the front and repent (= healthier as had an emphasis on salvation)

- Nigeria = best channel I¡¦ve seen so far (though still conformed the flow). Channelled the manifestation of the Spirit to the whole package: healing, salvation, justice

o But added ¡¥unquestioning acceptance/ obedience¡¦

o Over reverence for western whities!

So- to mix my metaphors: this series is to try and build the best fireplace possible into which God can deposit His fire

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