Summary: The greatest gift to the human beings is Free will. We must avoid using the free will, except in giving to the Lord.

Exodus.36:01-07 Give Freely

v.3-4. Willing to come and work

Bezalel (Ex.31:2-6- “Lord said to Moses”, 35:30 “Moses said to the Israelite”, (Ex.37:1, 38:22)- I have chosen him, I have called him, I have filled him with Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts- to make artistic designs for work in Gold, silver, Bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of craftsmanship. And Oholiab to assist him and given skills to all crafts man. Both Bezalel and Oholiab were given ability to teach others (35:34). Bezalel and Israelites skilled persons made everything according to the Lord has commanded (38:22 &39:32).

Willingness to work for the Lord. Skilled labours, inspired people with ability. Willing to submit to the Lord. Obedience to the Lord through Leaders. Moses called them all who are willing to come and be submissive to him and listen to the voice of God which they heard from the man of God Moses. He took the presence of God as his only guide.

There are always two kinds of people. “useful and useless” they are skilled, able, capable but not available. God’s kingdom always depended upon prayerful, obedient innocent, fools than arrogant useless intellectuals, scholars, thinkers, etc., God never looks into abilities and skills rather He looks for humble, simple and obedient person to carry out the work. God’s kingdom is depended and built upon power of God rather than mere talk of men (I Cor.4:20).

Hence, the passage(1Cor.1:26-29) explains that God has chosen “not many wise, not many influential, not many by noble birth” rather He chose the weak, low, ‘things of NOT’, Because ONLY God is everything”. Are you willing to yield to the call of God? Are you willing to obey to God’s direction through the servants of God?

v.3. Freewill Offerings

God has given the greatest gift to human kind is “FREEWILL”. Answer for your many “WHY? s” of the world is “FREEWILL”. Why sin entered, why drought, why flood, why starvation, why diseases, why accidents, why justice is perverted, why good are ignored, why evil is victorious, like these many kinds of why, why, why comes to the minds of people, the only answer is MISUSE of FREEWILL by human beings (must-read Eccl.7:29). The so-called cultured beings behave like uncultured and wild beast (Ps.53:1-4).

This freewill also used and misused in giving to the LORD. There are many kinds of offerings(Nu.15:3-10,29:39,) mentioned in the Bible, namely, Burnt offerings(Lev.6:9), Drink offerings(Ex.29:40), Fellowship offerings (Lev.7:14), Meal Offerings (Lev.7:14), Peace Offering (Lev.3:6), Sin Offering(Lev.4:3), Thank offerings (Lev.7:12), Wave Offering (Lev.7:30), but here Moses writes about the “FREEWILL OFFERINGS” with three words (Deut.12:6). Your vows of freewill (Deut.23:23). 2 Cor.9:7: “God is pleased with the person who gives freewill offerings” (also ref: 1 Chr. 29:9, Ezra.1:4,6 these offerings became holy; 8:28).

v.5. More than Enough

Did all Christians give Tithes, freewill offerings to the Lord? Never. Not even there is a single denomination on earth which can testify that YES, we have 100% tithe and freewill offerings givers. Yet God’s kingdom never lacked anything on the earth. Those who gave were blessed abundantly, those who closed their hands never blessed. Those who cheated were cursed. They have lost within their time or in their next generations. No were on earth we have seen that we have stopped the ministry because we don’t have money. Many ministries are not able to continue on is because of the non-committed leaders of clergy and laity.

Often people grasp and buy positions in Church and in organizations using influence, money, men, caste, class and race. They captured but not continued on, since they don’t have vision, idea and commitment. Self-promoted and exalted people can’t have Christ and his commission.

Whether you give or not God is the one who inspires you to give. If you obey, you stay blessed. Always where God’s work done in God’s way never lack God’s provision. Amen.

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