Summary: God cannot steal. Here are five reasons why you need to give God your donkey!

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“Give God your (His) Donkey”


Why should I?

Has God ever asked you for anything? The truth is God has asked you for everything. Everything that you have belongs to God already, so simply need to acknowlege that truth and let go!

Let me share with you five reasons why you need to "Give God your Donkey!"

1. Because you ain’t doin anything with it.

("Ain’t doin" is in the Greek!)

Note that this Donkey was not being used when the Diciples came to it. It was tied up. (Bondage)

Jesus said, that without him that we could do nothing in John 15:5. If we do not give to God our "Donkey," we will not be able to accomplish anything for heaven’s sake.

2. Because the God of all creation is asking you for it.

God cannot steal. Every already belongs to him. He is the Divine Creator and King of Kings. Jesus simply told his disciples to say, "The Lord hath need of it." That is all the information that we should require, "God is asking for it!"

3. Because God cannot fulfill his holy purpose without it.

Zachariah gave the prophecy that the Messiah would come riding upon an ass, and a colt, the foal of and ass."

God was very specific. He would not come riding into Jerusalem this time on a white horse. He was coming in peace.

Application: Don’t try giving God "Ishmael" when he is asking for "Isaac!"

4. Because God can make something majestic out of something rather ordinary.

What a tremdous spontanteous celebration that they had that day on Palm Sunday in Jerusalem. The Donkey was apart of it all, the plam branches, the clothes placed in the way, Jesus sitting on his back, the singing of songs....

God made something majestic out of this Donkey. Just think about what a "hero" he could make of you, if you would but yield your life to him!

5. Because God always gives it back new and improved.

I don’t know that much about riding on Donkies, but I don’t think it a wise thing to try to sit upon a donkey that has never been ridin on before, unless you are the Son of God!

God can tame the wild. He can calm the troubled waters. This donkey would no doubt be returned to its owners.... new and improved!

Let me forewarn you however, that when God first takes what you offer to him, he might have to break it and reassemble the pieces! He is the potter, We must be willing for him to remake and reshape the clay!

Conclusion: Is God asking you for something? Will you say "Yes?"

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