Summary: Mothers can find release in the Sovereignty of God even when they are unsure of their wayward children and doubt their effectiveness as a parent. This story of Tamar puts a new spin on Mother’s Day.

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Give Me a Break!

Finding Release in the Sovereignty of God

Steven A. Miller

Mother’s Day

May 13, 2001

It was told to me that for my Mother’s Day message, I should make the mothers feel very honored and special; that I should esteem them. And while that may be true for many here today as Grandmother’s, I think the primary need for a mother today is just to get a break. They need a break from the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and odd as it may sound to the Fathers, they might just need a break from you and the children. Well, this morning, I am going to give you the best break I as a minister of God’s Word can give you and that is that you can find release in the sovereignty of God.

It seems to be a general American problem, both men and women alike, but mother’s especially value themselves, not by who they truly are, but by how they are controlling the situations around them. They place too much self-worth on things like house cleaning and what daytime talk shows say about moms-on-the-go, but most importantly, they evaluate their significance as a person on how their children are doing.

A mother will too heavily judge herself by how her children behave once they know better. In essence, mothers unnecessarily burden themselves with how their older and grown children live their lives.

The truth of the matter is this: mothers, you cannot successfully manage the world, not even those in your closest circle. Even doing the best that you can,, sometimes, will not make things go as you have designed. But don’t be alarmed, you are already frantic enough, God is in control, He is sovereign, find release in the sovereignty of God.

So, for you mothers who attempt to parent perfectly, while attentively loving a husband or single-handedly going it alone, while holding down career after career, while participating in civic and church functions, while raising your children’s children or raising the neighbor kids, while…whatever, you must release your need to control every circumstance in life—because you ultimately cannot. You must release yourself from the build-up of guilt or pride of the past because it is only God whose business it is, to make the world go around. So this morning, give yourself a break.

The Text: Gen. 38:27-30

Our text is probably unfamiliar to you, especially for a Mother’s Day sermon, but I feel that before I pressure you with platitudes of the Proverbs 31 Woman, or remind you of the spiritual legacy of Eunice and Lois, you need to know that your children have turned out to some degree because of your motherhood, but to every degree they have been under the sovereignty of God. Listen: While you are responsible for and while you are, bringing up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6.4), the Lord is, right up along side of you, guiding, molding, disciplining, and using them in ways that you cannot see.

The sovereignty of God means that God’s authority and power is supreme and over the entire universe—that includes you and your kid’s lives. Mothers, this relieves you of your self-appointed task to bear the over-powering burden of guilt from your parental mistakes and your children’s mistakes that hurt, embarrass, or grieve you from time to time.

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