Summary: A Thanksgiving week sermon

Give Thanks

1 Chronicles 16:7-36

Introduction: {The Gum} Missions trip to garbage dump in Tiawana, Mexico ~ 3 10 year

olds playing ~ one comes to try out English ~ gives Gum to boy ~ takes it divides it into 3

pieces shares with his 2 friends. We are so blessed - hard for us to be thankful - we just

want more! Boy was thrilled not to get a piece of gum but to have something to share

with his friends.

David teaches us alot about Thankfulness

~ Songwriter - look at one particular song that he wrote when the temple was

brought back to Jerusalem

~ Overriding Theme in the Song - Thanksgiving

~ In this Song there are some Key words that pick out the supporting themes of

this song of Thanksgiving

I. Key Word - Seek (Verse 11)

A. Seek the Lord - for salvation

1. Eternal life promised for those who seek the Lord

2. Nothing else will meet this need

B. Seek the Lord - for strength

1. Isa 40:31 But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be

weary, they shall walk and not faint.

C. Seek His face continually - for fellowship

1. Sustained

2. Growing

3. Meaningful - Conneted to life -

II. Key Word - Sing

A. Unto Him - Verse 9

B. All the earth - even more so the redeemed - Verse 23

C. What do we sing?

1. Heart full of Thanksgiving

2. Delivered, forgiven, at peace, of Hope, of Joy, + HIS PRESENCE

III. Key Word - Give

A. Give Thanks (Verse 8)

B. Give "Ascribe’ Glory & Strength (Verse 28)

C. Give glory to His name (Verse 29)

IV. Key Word - Remember

A. His works and His wonders (Verse 12)

B. His Judgments that He pronounced (Verse 12)

1. His Word

C. His faithfulness to us - (verse 15)

V. Key Word - Testify

A. About His wonderful works (Verse 9)

B. His glory among the nations (the lost) (Verse 24)


Seek Him - Sing Praise to Him - Give Thanks - Remember Him - Testify about Him

Not just on Thursday - Everyday

Start today - Change your outlook - Instead of looking here & here & here look there ^

Response for Salvation

Response for congregation - Walk through these 5 key action words - practice each of

these right now -

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