Summary: Giving should come easy to Christians, we just give like our Father gives.

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There has been a lot of Talk at Our church recently About Giving [And that is to be Expected]

After All We Did Vote to Build A Family Life Center-to Hire an Architect-to Seek Permission from the ciy to build.

So Let’s Start Building!! But Wait—We Need Money to Build—Where Do We Get the Money?

That’s the Question? Where do we get the money? That’s Why there Has Been a Lot of Talking About Giving

ANSWER: God Wants to Give the Money to Build a Family Life Center Through US ! Through YOU !!

Isn’t It Wonderful that God Chooses To GIVE HIS STUFF Away, and often He gives it Through His People.

For Zillions of Years God Had Everything To Himself-Then He Made Man, Not Only to Share His Stuff With, but to Give His Stuff Away for Him!

The Bible Overflows With Examples of God Giving Through His People:

God Gave Children Thru Adam & Eve.

God Gave the Human Race a New Start Thru Noah

God Gave the Jews Freedom From Oppression

Through Gideon

God Gave Jacob & His 11 Sons Food Through Joseph

God Gave Goliath a Whipping Through David

God Gave the Israelites a Temple Through Solomon

God Gave Salvation & Eternal Life through Jesus

God Gave US This Beautiful Sanctuary through

a Past Generation

Now God Wants to Give this Generation and Succeeding Generations a Family Life Center Through Us!

The People of the Bible Counted It a Great Priviledge to be Used of God…We Should Too !!

You and I ARE Children of God thru Faith In Jesus and through the Spirit of Adoption [Been Born Again]

If We Will EACH Give Like Our Father Gives, We Will Have More Than Enough Money to Build !

This A.M. I Want Us to Note How Our Father Gives…So We Can Honor Him by Copying

In my text, John 3:16, Jesus Said, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His…”

1. First We Note That Our Father Gives LOVINGLY

A. Text:For God so loved-- Love is His Only Motive

B. Because God Loves Us He Gave and Keeps Giving

C. Because We Love God We Give [Give Like Father]

2. We Note That Our Father Gives GRACIOUSLY

A. Text:Gave--NOT Had to Give {Is what Grace Is]

B. We Don’t Have to Give Either [Live Under GRACE]

C. But We Give Graciously Like Our Father

3. We Note That Our Father Gives SACRIFICIALLY

A. Text:Only--He Would Do Without Jesus for a While

B. It Cost God a Great Deal to give, But He Did

C. A Gift that Doesn’t Cost Much Isn’t Worth Much

D. We Give Sacrificially like Our Father

4. We Note That Our Father Gives GENEROUSLY

A. Text:Son--He Saw Man’s Need & Filled It With Gift

B. The Human Race Needed Jesus More Than Father Did so He Gave His Son to Save the World

B. Apparently Our Community needed this Sanctuary More than Church Members Needed Money, So they Gave for it

C. Most of us Believe Our Community Now Needs a Family Life Center More than We Need Money, So We Give, Like our Father.

5. We Note That Our Father Gives UNSELFISHLY

A. Text:That WHOSOEVER-- He Gave that Everyone/Anyone Might Benefit [He Gave for Others Needs, Not His Own]

B. If we Give to Build OURSELVES a GYMN We are Giving Selfishly to Ourselves

C. But if We Give to Build a MINISTRY That WHOSOEVER May Useth, Then we Give Unselfishly Like our Father

6. We Note That Our Father Gives EXPECTANTLY

A. Text--Whosoever BELIEVETH [God Expected Results]

B. For Over 50 Years the Members of this Church Have Given and Expected Results as Well

C. Given to Buy-to Build-to Minister and to Reach

D. Now it’s Our Turn To Give Like Our Father-Expectantly

7. We Note That Our Father Gives APPROPRIATELY

A. Text--That Whosoever believeth Should Not Perish

B. Father Didn’t Give Jesus Primarily for the Activities & Fellowship We Enjoy [Gave for Souls]

C. We Don’t Give or Ask You to Give Primarily for Fellowship and Activities But for Souls like Father

8. We Note That Our Father Gives FUTURISTICALLY

A. Text--Might Have Everlasting Life

B. Our Father Gave us a Gift that Keeps on Giving: Eternal Life[Energizer Bunny Will Run Out Before We Do]

C. We Have Opportunity to Give a Gift that Will Keep Giving, Just Like Our Father: A Family Life Center

D. May it be said of all of us that We Give Like Our Father.

Invitation: Is God your Father? Do you give like your Father? If not, why not?

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