Summary: This sermon take us through the life of Abraham and Sarah as they travialed to recieve the child promised by God

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So finally in Genesis 21:1-2 we see that Sarah finally gives birth, After God visited her, she had a baby at her set time. God came to her when he was ready for her to give birth to the promise, not when she wanted to give birth. That is the significant thing about God you can not rush him. He does not move according to our time schedule, but He moves according to his will. What you have got to understand is that before Sarah could become the mother of a Nation there was a process that she had to go through. Before she could give blessing to the promise she had to go through some trials and tribulations, she had to make mistakes, she also to grow in her faith of God, and she had to hear the voice of God. Finally she gives birth to a son called laughter. You are not going to go forth or to do anything successfully until God feels that you are ready

I am told that in a physical birth, while a woman is waiting to give birth; she can sometimes be in travail for hours, waiting to give birth to her child. I am told that the pain that she experiences is one of the worst pains that a women can go through but I am also told that when a mother finally hold her new born baby in her arms that all of the pain is worth it. The wait and the pain forgotten as the mother celebrate the new birth.

I don’t know too much about giving physical birth for I have never had a child but what I can tell you about is spiritual travail, I can tell you about being spiritually pregnant. I can tell you about waiting to give birth to spiritual babies. But what I can tell you about is waiting to give birth to the promises of God and never seeing it come forth. Somebody knows what I am talking about in here on tonight. I know about waking up in the middle of the night crying and asking God what next and not receiving an answer. I know about travailing for a promise year after year and having it never come to pass. I know about never ending disappointment but I am here to tell you on tonight that God has not forgotten about any of us. He says on tonight that he is about to birth some things in you, that you never thought would. Some blessing that you never thought would come to pass. God says on tonight take those promise off the shelf and dust them off because I am about to bring them forth and when you get them nobody is going to be able to say they gave them to you but me. You shall come forth with singing you shall come forth with the newness of life. No matter how old you are, no matter how young you are. God wants to bless you on tonight, don’t let your unbelief cause you to have a spiritual miscarriage and don’t forget the promise which will cause you to have a spiritual abortion. See what I like about this thing is in spiritual birth you don’t have to be a woman to give birth. You can be man, woman or child. Turn around tonight and tell somebody I am about to give birth. I been pregnant for along time but I am about to give birth. I am about to give birth to my promise.

There is a prerequisite however to receiving this baby in your spirit, you have got to trust God and have faith that it is already done. The birth cannot take place if you don’t believe. The birth can’t happen if you don’t go through the pain. Watch it. Allot of you would have never met God if it had not been for turmoil. Accept God’s blessing in your life on today.

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