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giving was Church centered (vs 1)

giving was regular (vs 2a)

giving was for everyone (vs 2b)

giving was proportionate (vs 2c)

giving was carefully handled (vs 3)


Timothy (vs 10)

Apollos (vs 12)

Household of Stephanas (vs 15)

Aquilla & Pricilla (vs 19)

Sermon Text:

• In our type of Churches we tend not to get too much teaching on money & giving?

• We somehow assume people know what the Bible teaches.

• Over the past 5 or 10 years;

• I could count on one hand, the sermons on this subject.

• Probably because the subject of money / giving we find embarrassing;


• Speaker you find treasurer putting things in your pocket.

• Ill: Bob Telford. (bill for hymn books instead of his expenses!)


• Lady at Bitterne Gospel Chapel said to me on one occasion;

• “I would like to give you a gift towards your ministry buy I can’t because you live by faith”.

• Sadly she was serious in her misunderstanding of ‘Living by faith’.

It may surprise you to know that Jesus had a lot to say concerning both money & giving:

• In Matthew, Mark, and Luke’s gospels 1 in every 6 verses deals with money.

• Of the 29 parables Christ told, 16 deal with a person and his money.

• One out of every six verses in Matthew, Mark, and Luke;

• Deal with a person and their money.

• Jesus had more to say about money than any other subject.

• So really we ought to be clear in our thinking regarding our money and God.

Now you could divide chapter 16 under 3 headings:

• Giving, Greetings, and Goodbyes.

• Because of the restraints of time I am going to divide them into two.

(1). Money - How to take up an offering (vs 1-4).

• The instructions given here in verses 1-4:

• Deal primarily with a ‘missionary relief offering’.

• That the apostle Paul was organising on behalf of the Church at Jerusalem.

• Acts chapter 11 verses 27-30 tells us that a famine had hit Jerusalem.

• The Church (like all the other residents f the city);

• Was experiencing tough times and needed financial support.

• So long before ‘Comic Relief’ or ‘Children in Need’;

• The apostle Paul organised ‘Church Relief’,

• That is various Churches to send money and help relieve the hardships in Jerusalem.


• Elsewhere in the New Testament i.e. Romans chapter 15 verses 25-27;

• Paul said it was the Gentiles obligation to help the Jewish Christians;

• He used strong language by saying the Gentiles ‘owe’ it to them.

• He meant of course salvation came from the Jews;

• Therefore all Gentiles have shared in their spiritual blessings;

• And we can repay them by letting them share in our material blessings.

• This was a principle Paul shared earlier in this letter (1 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 9);

• With that great verse: ‘Don’t muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain’.

• Paul teaches the principle that if someone blesses you spiritually;

• You can return that blessing materially or financially!


• Although Paul is primarily instructing the Christians about a special missionary offering;

• He gives us some principles that relate to Christian giving in general:

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