Summary: How God changes us through our giving

Giving It All and Getting Some Change Back

Luke 18:18-30


Here we see a young man with more than enough. No doubt he had more than enough friends, most likely had more than enough land, cattle… We know for certain that he had more than enough money. (Pretty good problem to have)

His problem wasn’t that he had too much money, his problem was that he wasn’t willing to trust the Lord with it. He thought that he could do a better job with it than God could. In reality, he didn’t fully believe that God could do what he promised he would do.

This rich young ruler was afraid that if he gave all that he had, he wouldn’t get any change back. In reality, this is why we are hesitant to give to the Lord today: we’re afraid we won’t profit from our investment. But most assuredly, we will get back all that we give and then get some change back.

Another title for this sermon would be “The Evidence of a Changed Life”. My how this young man’s life would have changed if he had only obeyed the Lord.

The word “evidence” literally means – signs or facts on which a conclusion is


In a court room setting, if there are no signs and there are no facts, chances are the person on trial will be granted a “not guilty” verdict. I wonder this morning how many of us would be convicted of being a Christian if the signs and facts were brought to the court room this morning.

The greatest evidence of a Christian is the change that takes place in their life…

For this reason, I won’t to give you some evidence of a changed life.

First let me give you some examples of those who gave everything they had to Jesus and got back change.

 The Apostle Paul

 Luke – a physician

 Matt. – a tax collector

 Zac. – a tax collector

 Simon Peter – owned his own fishing company

Let me tell you where change is not found:

 Alter

 The giving of personal testimonies

 Good times and bad times - change is seen in all times.

Note: The change that takes place in our life is to be shared with others and may effect others but is not to be judged by others. This sermon is preached to you, the individual. Don’t use these evidences to prove or disprove how faithful someone else is but rather how faithful you are.

The Love That We Have For:

 The Brethren – “How can you love the Lord who you have not seen…”

 The Church – (Lottery, Fishing, Hunting, Shoes) Alter

 The Lord – evident in our love for His Word and prayer

The Hate That We Have For:

 Sin

 Our old life of sin

 Anything that keeps us from change

The Desire We Have For More Change

 Pray for conviction

 Ask to be preached to (“will you preach about because somebody else needs it?”

 Christians desire change much like a drug addict desires more drugs; and will do anything to get it.

The Growth We Experience As A Christian

 When you pray – things happen

 When your present – things happen

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