Summary: True Worship in the presence of God.

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Prayer should always precede worship.



I. Reaction to God’s Presence

A) Preparation to be in presence of God.

1. Offer self - here I am

2. Sacrifice self - purge

B) Humble in the presence

1. Others more important than self

2. People more important than structure.

3. Unified in the presence of God.

C) Collaborated for worship.

II. Description of God’s Nature

A) He is good.

1. Only good and perfect

B) He is full of mercy.

III. Expression of Worship to God

A life of sacrifice is the highest form of worship you can offer to God.

A) Expounding sacrifice

1. careful detail to prepare for expression.

B) Explicit sacrifice.

1. fully expressed worship

2. no question as to meaning of or intent to worship.

C) Exalting sacrifice

1. intent of worship

2. brings glory to God.

IV. God’s People in Worship

A) Participate

B) Pronounce

C) Praise

V. Response of Worship to God

A) Full of joy, in the heart.

B) Full of gladness, in the heart.

C) Response from the heart.

1. Christ in you?

2. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

D) Adjustment to the heart.

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