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Reading: 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 1-19.

Quote: Andrew Murray:

“Jesus Christ was born twice.

The birth at Bethlehem was a birth into a life of weakness.

The second time he was born from the grave – “the first born from the dead” – into the glory of heaven and the throne of God”.

• Corinth was a Greek city, 40 miles away from Athens.

• Corinth and Athens were very much like Edinburgh and Glasgow today.

• Athens was the University city where the philosophers lived and art festivals were held.

• Corinth was a bustling port.

• Greek philosophy was the background of Corinth’s beliefs;

• And the Greeks did not believe in the resurrection' of the dead.


• In fact when Paul had first preached at Athens;

• (Read about it in Acts chapter 17 verse 32).

• They listened until he mentioned the resurrection of Christ,

• Then some of those listening actually laughed at him! They mocked him!

In New Testament times:

• Most Greek philosophers considered the human body a prison,

• And they welcomed death as deliverance from bondage.

• This sceptical attitude had somehow invaded the church and Paul had to face it head-on.

• So in this chapter Paul dealt with the subject of ‘resurrection’ by answering 4 basic questions.


• Question 1: Are the Dead Raised? (That is answered in verses 1-19).

• Question 2: When are the dead raised? (That is answered in verses 20-28).

• Question 3: Why are the dead raised? (That is answered in verses 29-34 & 49-58).

• Question 4: How are the dead raised? (That is answered in verses 35-49).

This morning we are looking at the glory of Christ’s resurrection:

• And that overlaps the first question Paul answers in this chapter:

• Are the Dead Raised? (verses 15:1-19)


• The Corinthian Christians were a strange mix;

• No Church founded by Paul had more problems than the one at Corinth.

• As a result of their difficulties and struggles.

• We have two amazing letters.

This first letter and this chapter (15);

• Contains the earliest account of the resurrection appearances of the Lord in the N.T.

• Don’t miss that!

• 1 Corinthians chapter 15 was written about A.D. 56.

• This is the very first written record of the witnesses of the resurrection body of Jesus.

• Because Greek philosophy was the background of Corinth’s belief;

• This meant they too did not believe that they would be raised to life again.

• Ever since they were born they were taught the soul not the body is important;

• The human body was the source of man’s weakness and sin.

• They viewed it as a corpse, a tomb.

• They looked upon death with joy, anxiously waiting the time;

• When their souls would be liberated, unshackled from their bodies.


• Now although the Christians at Corinth denied the resurrection of their own bodies;

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