Summary: the miracle of Christ’s birth

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Glory to God in the Highest and…

Luke 2:1-20

The Mass of Christ!

† In the name of Jesus! †

May you know, and realize, the grace of God our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, is yours!

One birth – among 32000 per day 480 per minute, one every 7 seconds in the USA.

Yet, the world celebrates one birth… this day.

News for the whole world

Three times the population of Anza each and every day. Imagine, over 32 thousand babies are born into this world today. Over 480 children born every 60 seconds. Every 7 seconds, just in the United States, a baby leaves the womb.

Right now, there are over 6 Billion, 500 million people alive. Of that 6 billion, 500 million people, at least 5 billion – and probably closer to 6 billion, know that today is Christ-mas. They may not know all the details, but I dare say there are few places in the world that are not affected by a day, set aside, to celebrate this one birth.

One little baby, lieing in a feeding trough for animals. IN a country that even today is looked down on by most of the world. What difference could this baby make? What was the big deal about this birth? Why should we it matter more than the other 20,000 births that day? Why should it matter more than the millions and billions of babies born since?

Why? Why does God deserve glory for this one birth?

Why do the shepherds make known

Why does Mary treasure these things?

Even the immediate reaction to the birth was one that appears shocking. It is hard to come up with a modern parallel to the shepherd of that time, perhaps it would be best described as the itinerant farm workers, those people that live in shacks and squalor, working for their next meal. Imagine them coming into Anza, and telling everyone that while sleeping in the fields, angels came, and told them of a miraculous birth – the birth of one who would lead the world?

All who heard, our gospel reading says, wonders about what they were told by the shepherds. Perhaps they had too much wine out there in the fields, Perhaps their isolation had made them a little wacko? That is what I think of when I read “wonder” there. Yet, the word is the other kind of wondering, to marvel, to be amazed. The shepherds were believed by the people they told about the glorious site, and about the incredible words of the angels.

I have to wonder, if the innkeeper was told, what his reaction would have been?

Scripture tells us, that Mary treasured these things, and thought about them often. Despite the miracle of the childbirth, despite the appearance of the rough, just from the field shepherds. Angels? Singing incredible praises? About this, my miraculous baby?

All this, for one single birth?

Why would angels sing such incredible praises? What caused all to be so awestruck, at something so common as the birth of another baby in an impoverished land?

Born to us, a Savior!

Timothy defines it well!

Redeems us from lawlessness

Purify himself a people

Zealous for good works!

Isaiah kicks in

He upholds it with justice

And righteousness

I think we start to see what makes this birth different, in the way it is announced to the shepherds. Hear again that wondrous announcement,

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