Summary: Whatever you do in this World that you and I are living in, no matter who you are, or what you do, rich or poor, you will need to go a little further to achieve your goal.

GO A LITTLE FURTHER Matt. 26: 37....

Even the Lord Himself had to do just that…We're going to look into how you can go a little further to get what you want in life. (Amen)

1. When Jesus was about to be crucified he was very sorrowful and needed company to be around him. He went with 3 of His trusted disciples to watch with Him. At a point, Jesus left them and went a LITTLE FURTHER to pray. Math. 26: 37,on………

He came back to find them asleep. Before Jesus could actually give himself up to be crucified, He had to go a LITTLE FURTHER to pray.

If He had stayed with the disciples, He might have fallen asleep. 3 times he went to pray....The point is that there is POWER in prayer....This year folks; my theme is .....PRAY UNTIL YOU SWEAT. (PUS) . The bible says the sweat that came from Jesus's body was thunderous. Stay praying, stay alive.....Always blessings.

2. Blind Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus who passing by from a crusade or meeting. Mark 10: 51 The crowd tried to shut him down, but the more he would to attract

Jesus’ attention. He went a LITTLE FURTHER and got what he wanted from God. in spite of the discouragement from the people, He received HIS healing. People will always find way and means to discourage or discredit you in life.

People will try to frustrate you to your face or stop your efforts to go a LITTLE FURTHER, but persevere and You shall prevail for His grace is sufficient for you.

( I believe there is somebody here under the sound of my voice ) Before now people have used words on you, write you off. But today is your day……..I said today is…….your day friend

3. The sick paralyzed man: with the help of his friend had come from afar to meet Jesus

was ministering, the bible says they pressed against the roof piercing a hole to help their sick friend. Mark 2: 5

They were not deterred in their determination. They went a LITTLE FURTHER, broke the roof of the house and dropped down the paralyzed man who got healed.

4. The Woman with the issue of blood: Luke 8 43- 48, 49-55 She had suffered for years, Many people surrounded Jesus as He was passing by that,there was no room for her to reach Him.

It was virtually impossible to get through the multitude but the sick woman fought her way desperately through the crowd in order to touch the just the HEM of Jesus’ garment.

Ladies and gentlemen she went a LIITLE FURTHER in her effort and received her healing.

Don’t be satisfied at where you are and feel fulfilled or pretend everything is okay, ignore your circumstances, persevere and determine to go a LITTLE FURTHER in your work with God, in spite of discouragements and frustrations which may try to hinder your efforts.

Go a LITTLE FURTHER, you will overcome and achieve what God has purposed for you. If you stay where you are, your Christian life becomes a routine and boring, And you may eventually quit the race. Friend go little further. Amen

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