Summary: If you Follow God's Directions it will be alright

When looking at this text we see that the people of God felt hopeless and helpless. Here they were a defenseless, and exposed people, including women and children, about to be attacked by the mightiest army on earth. They saw no way of deliverance; they couldn’t see a way out of their current situation, they were gripped with a deep intense feeling of despair. So, they begin the blamed game and they condemned God's leader. But what they forgot about was the mighty arm of God’s power, salvation and deliverance.

What they miss in this moment was in a time like this, the moment called for faith, and a strong faith in God's promise, and in His mighty arm that had been proven time and time again.

But can I tell you that faith was lacking. They felt there was no deliverance available, no possible way they could be saved from this great an enemy.

But God's Word here is well-defined, that we are not to be scared, petrified, afraid, and to be in fear. No matter how severe the circumstance, no matter how terrible the problem, no matter how hopeless and helpless the situation may seem—the believer is never to be overtaken by trepidation and faithlessness.

As we look at the text, we see that the children of Israel had been brought out of an overwhelming hand of oppression by Pharaoh.

God had deliverance them out of Egypt and they had started their expedition, their voyage, their travels with confidence that they were on their way the land of promise.

After they have marched for a few days unexpectedly something happen that would place their trip on a setback.

The Bible says that they had settled by the sea. And as we look at their surroundings. What we see before them is the great Red Sea, on both side of them is a mountain and behind them are Pharaoh and his army who were hot on their trail.

From the way things looked it seemed like they were trapped. As we would’ve said in the hood, it looks like they were caught. To the natural eye they were doom. To the carnal man it was the end of their destiny. While dealing with this situation the people went to Moses and begin to cry out to him. Moses then goes to God and he says God, I need some answers because they are ready to stone me to death, what should I do? I know how Moses felt because there have been times when I shared with the household of faith what the Lord told me to do and the murmuring started, the we’ve never done it like this before, the I can’t see it, it will never work, are you sure this is the will of God? How much will it cost?

If you check the record you will see that Israel had believed God for their deliverance, but not for their circumstances. I must say, as Christians, we have trusted him to save us from sin, but all too often, we will not trust him with our circumstances.

Watch what happens here. God gives Moses the recipe for this situation at hand. He say’s to Moses, Moses there is only one thing for you to do, he says get up and go forward! Because you have come to far to turn around. You are at the point of no return; you have come to far from where you have started from.

I didn’t bring you out, to take you back; I didn’t bring you out to leave you now. I didn’t bring you out to camp here; this is not the land I promised you, there is so much more for you all too see. There is nothing to go back too, the only thing that is left is to go forward.

The Lord would have me tell somebody today, there is nothing to go back too. And if you go back you will be destroyed, if you go back you will have to return to slavery. And if you don’t pull up stakes now you will probably be destroyed by the hand of the enemies. So, the best thing for you to do is go forward! I know that people are talking all over the world about; I can’t wait until things get back to normal. But, what normalcy are you talking about. The normalcy of being sinful, the normalcy of being hateful, the normalcy of being a liars, backbiters, deceivers, prevaricators or equivocators. What normalcy are you talking about, because I don’t want or even need that type of normalness in my life.

Forget the past, forget Egypt, and forget the pain and agony of the past, it time to bury the past and go forward!

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