Summary: Joe was on the go for God because he was a humble servant leader filled with the spirit of God. He was on the go because he was dispenser of grace and a forgiving individual.

Go Joe!

Summary of part one and two:

I. Yo Joe – Yo Joe your special

1. Joe and his brothers suffered from the disease of favoritism.

2. There was the robed and the unrobed, the haves and the have nots.

3. There was a spoiled prideful brat and unloved sons driven to rage by their fathers favoritism..

4. The robe need to remove it and give it away

5. The ones who never got to wear robe must admit it, deal with it and move on in life.

II. Low Joe- say’s oh no!

1. Joe learned from God that he needed to say NO to temptation.

· This meant over and over!

· He also learned here that if you say “No” there could be repercussions but don’t worry God is with you.

2. Joe learned through his adverse circumstance and even though he could have become bitter he chose to become better.

· Joe chose to grow and in midst of his trial he showed compassion and concern for others.

· His attitude and trust in God promoted him even in prison..

3. Joe’s humility before pharaoh helped him rise to the top.

· He choose to honor God in front of Pharoah.

· He gave credit to God for the interpretation

· He came to pharaoh all cleaned up

· His humility in God set him free

· His ability to learn through his ordeals helped him to become set free.

· His care for others paid great rewards – even though it was not immediate. Joe went from low Joe to go Joe!

Thesis: Joe was on the go for God because he was a humble servant leader filled with the spirit of God. He was on the go because he was dispenser of grace and a forgiving individual.

Texts: Genesis 41-45


Overcoming success:

Years ago, Erwin Lutzer wrote a very helpful little book titled Failure: The Back Door To Success, it could have been written about Joseph. Many times, it takes years of failures and setbacks to become an “overnight success.”

Abraham Lincoln is a classic example. He had two failed businesses, one nervous breakdown, endured the death of a sweetheart, and was defeated for public office no less than ten times over the space of 30 years. Then, incredibly, he was elected President of the United States. Years of failure had equipped him to deal with the heady air of the heights of power.

Those repeated reversals, apparent failures, and personal tragedies did not defeat Lincoln. They strengthened his character and commitment. So it was with Joseph.

So here we find or hero a man who experienced setbacks and more setbacks but the key was his defeats equipped him and developed him into a man who could handle success. We should never look at setbacks as failure but as a backdoor to success. In reality a person who has gone through the process of loss and recovery is more able to handle the successes in life.

I. Joe was on the go because he served as a leader filled with the spirit of God which produced in him humility (Genesis 41).

a. Pharaoh himself saw this quality in Joseph (Genesis 41:37, 38)

· When the world can see the Spirit of God in you they will take notice.

· Do you want to be a man/woman of God –then you need to ask yourself can others see the Spirit of God in me.

· The main characteristic of an individual filled with the spirit of God is humility.

· Murray states it well “We can never have more faith than we have humility”(45).

· Murray also adds, “The promises made to faith are so free and sure, the invitations and encouragements are so strong, and the mighty power of God on which it may count is so near and free, that only something which hinders faith can hinder blessing from being ours…Jesus discloses to us that it is indeed pride which makes faith impossible”(45).

· What does it mean to humble – it means that you live at the foot of the cross. It means that you always point the attention to the Lord. You see pride hates the cross and does not even want to be in the shadow of the cross.

· Key here do you want to be on the go like Joe then it takes the willingness to allow the spirit of God grow in you and for it to produce humility – which means you die to self.

· Then you win over any circumstance in life and receive the blessing of God.

b. Pharaoh rewards Joe with a lot of authority because he saw Godly – humble character in Joe.

· Why do you think pharaoh gave him such a position because he saw a man with the Spirit of God and it’s fruit humility.

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