Summary: The Great Commission

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Case Study: Jesus and Samaritan woman (John 4:1-15)

Location: Jacob’s well…location was important

Jesus was tired, He asked the woman to give him something that she could provide. (physical water)…Jesus would use his own physical need to direct the conversation into her great spiritual need (salvation)

Jesus placed value on her soul…he reached out to a sinning foreigner, a women…that in itself went against tradition…Jewish religious teachers did not associate, let alone reach out to Samaritans!

Jesus risked ridicule from the religious leaders. For the sake of her salvation, He went beyond the walls of tradition to reach out.

The conversation verse 19…the women was centered on the place of worship, (people can easily get caught up in where to worship, the traditions and rituals)…Jesus redirected the conversation from where to worship to Who to worship (Father God).

He was intentional and compassionate towards her…He did not deny her sinful ways but did not allow the conversation to be centered on her sin..the conversation was centered on the Living Water (Jesus) and Who to worship.

Case Study: Paul and Athens: Acts 17:16-34

Paul began by reasoning with the Jews and God fearing Greeks in the synagogue…He Reasoned with them

The gospel makes sense. The gospel has logic. The gospel stands on its own and defends itself because it is absolute truth. We can stand on that and reason.

The Athenians and foreigners listened to the newest ideas

Paul is brought before them

Paul mentioned they were very religious…he walked around their city and looked carefully at their objects of worship (verses 22-23)

Paul began his discourse where the people were in their own thinking/habits/lifestyle. He studied them and their culture.

He used the knowledge he gained to advance the truth of the gospel.

The object to the unknown god was his specific platform to promote the truth of Jesus Christ.

Did he win everyone? No! some sneered at him! He was, however, faithful in sharing the gospel message.

Case Study: William Fay

Share Jesus Without Fear Page 32-36

Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs?...he never asks if they believe in God…he simply asks this question and moves on.

To you, who is Jesus Christ?...this separates religious people from relational people..religious people say something like Jesus is the son of God, a good man, a prophet, someone who tried to teach morals…relational people will say that Jesus is my Savior.

Do you think there is a heaven and hell?...regardless of answer, Fay moves on to the next question.

If you died, where would you go? If heaven, why?...the follow up question to this is, why would God let you in? This question is heading into the direction you want to go into. This question leads to Scripture.

If what you are believing is not true, would you want to know?...”people fear missing opportunities because of not knowing the right information.” You either get a yes or no. Fay states in 16 years, he has only had one person say no!

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