Summary: A 4 week series on God's character

God’s Character

Various Scriptures

January 10, 2021

Well, I have to admit I thought about today’s message, had a plan of action about 2 weeks ago, then changed my mind about the direction, then changed my mind again, and then again! Exhausting! That’s what it is! As I sat down to write this message, if I am to be really honest and vulnerable, I don’t know what I’m going to say. But you know me . . . I will say something!

This week, we’re beginning a new series on God’s Character, and let me tell you, we need to know about God’s character. But there were some things that happened in our country this week, which I also believe need to be addressed. I’m not sure I have the answers, well, if I can be so bold, I DO have the answers. But sadly, not everyone will agree with me. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.

The easy answer is we need Jesus. And in our world, that’s not always a given. To me it seems like it should be a given. But many of the people who were protesting last week were protesting and rioting, were doing it in the name of Jesus. I think many of them would say they have more of Jesus than you and I.

That saddens and sickens me! I don’t want any part of association with them. Yet, the world saw Christians in action. And if that is the only Christian they know, then that leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

Now, let me give a couple of disclaimers as I start. I’m not going to go on and on about what happened. I believe the violence was wrong . . . period! End of sentence. I don’t believe in the damage done this summer in protests, nor in the damage done this week. I have no issue with protests and demonstrations, if done in manner which causes no damage to human life and physical property.

I believe in our world, at least in our country, there are so many people who have felt they have NOT been heard, and the only way to get someone’s attention is to become violent. After all, don’t we do that in our homes when we’re angry at a loved one? We raise our voice! Why? We want to be heard. So, I get it, I’ve been there and I’ve done it. I’ve raised my voice too many times in my day!

Beth Moore wrote – “I don’t know the Jesus some have paraded and waved around in the middle of this treachery today. They may be acting in the name of some other Jesus but that’s not Jesus of the Gospels.” That’s not my Jesus! He went to the cross and died for me. He had the power and strength and courage to go to the cross for me! Thank you, Jesus!

Some people were saying it was really Antifa causing the mess, others said it was Trump supporters. In the summer some said the riots were caused by Trump supporters, others said it was Antifa. Can we agree to say that our country is broken?

I really don’t know who to believe anymore. I honestly try not to watch the news. There’s the liberal channels and the conservative channels. I just want a simple news channel. One that gives me the entire picture and doesn’t distort anything. But in our world, I don’t know if that is possible. We’ve all taken sides.

Jesus said, “you can’t serve 2 masters.” That’s so true. He was talking about money and faith, but it extends to the way we live our lives. Something is always first in our lives. Who or what is it? That’s really the call for us. It can’t be God on Sunday’s and the world Monday-Friday, then I get a day off on Saturday’s. It doesn’t work that way. I’m either serving God or I’m not. I can’t sit on the fence.

One of my favorite statements from Jesus was in Revelation 3:16

16 So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. - Revelation 3:16

Is that not what so many of us have become? When life is good, we are hot for God, when life is not so good, we get a little cold. Nobody likes that fair weathered fan.

So, where does that leave us? And to be really honest, the purpose in the 3 weeks of preaching on God’s character was to bring us absolutely great news! But, I feel like this is just a downer of a message. Maybe that’s necessary to get us jump started, but what I really want to do in the next few minutes is start to look at who God is. I want to look at God’s character. We so desperately need it.

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