Summary: Psalmist talks about the witnesses God has kept in this world, such as the Nature, the Word of God and the believers. Two are performing very well but human beings failed. Read through...


C.S. Lewis wrote, 'I take this to be the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world.'

Often, I used to wonder why God plays all these dramas. He created the heavens and the earth. He created the animals, birds, fish finally the human beings. What is the purpose. What he expects from all. This psalm talks about the purpose of the creation was to bring Glory to GOD. Nature declares the glory of God. His word glorifies God but the Servants of God fall short of the Glory of God.

1-6 Silent witnesses

v.1-2. Man is astonished on the beauties, graces, glories and divine wisdom of God through celestial beings. To understand the magnitudes and the multitudes of the creation lots of scientifically done researches and studies are required.

v.3. No speech, no language and no words but sound is heard, lessons are learned and eloquence is great.

Rom.1:20 says the creation of the world clearly shows the invisible qualities of God, his eternal power and divine nature. David mentions the heavens declare the Glory of God. Gen.1:1 says that God created the Heavens and the Earth. numerous heavens to declare the glory (Is. 44:23, Ps.97:6, Ps.69:34). The nature glorifies God very silently. The animals and trees (Job 12:7-8), flowers, Meadows and the valleys (Ps.65:13), mountains and rivers (Ps.98:8), oceans and clouds and rains are testimony for his kindness and compassion (Ac 14:17) and so on. All creatures declare the Glory of God. Read Psalm 148:1-10.

7-10 Sound Witnesses

v.7-8: The psalmist uses the Sun and the Word of God as comparison to show their power. Nothing is hidden in the face of the Sun, its all-piercing and all-detecting likewise the WORD of GOD and God are so powerful to search you and see you.

The word of God is called by various names such as Law, statue, precepts, commandments ordinances, gold and honey, decree and rules. It was also called hammer, sword, light, healer, guide and etc., All of these are sound witnesses to God.

It is perfect, holy, righteous and good. The word of God was inspired by the holy spirit and spoken to us for our enlightenment. It revives our soul, comforts us, encourages us to stand firm in the faith. Wherever the WORD of God was spoken accepted had brought a great change in the lives of the people.

The reading of the WORD of GOD leads you to success and to have eternal life. Bible contains the real stories of heroes and heroines. Those who strictly adhere to the Word of God live a perfect and acceptable Life.

11-14 Shameful witness

Just we have seen the two great witnesses of God, one is the nature itself and the other is the Word of God but the Servant of God fall short of the Glory of God.

The heavens above and the moral law within are the two great witnesses to the Glory of God. But unfortunately, man fall short of the glory. Even the men of God are caught in various kinds of Sins known as errors (v.12), secret sins (v.12), wilful sins or presumptuous (v.13) sins and transgressions. These three are interlinked. Sin first termed as an error or weakness. Then it becomes food for the thought. Thoughts leads to planned action; the planned actions lead to delight in it repeatedly.

However, keeping the Word of God in the heart is a great reward. Now what are the words of your mouth and meditation of your heart? Some are cherishing in gossiping, backbiting. Others are interested in the meditation if evil designs, evil plots, harbouring jealousy and pride in their hearts.

David prays for the redemption from all these sins and problems.


Romans.1:20, Genesis.1:1 Isaiah. 44:23, Psalms.97:6, Psalms.69:34, Job 12:7-8, Psalms.65:13, Acts 14:17, Psalm 148:1-10.

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