Summary: God Alone is God! Worship God Alone.

God Alone

By Rev. James May

We live in an hour when everything about God is being questioned. The faith of those who would trust in him is being tested, tried and proven by the words of men, the circumstances of life and the pressures to fit into the mold that has been set before us. Which mold will we conform to? What if we choose the wrong mold?

The world would try to say that God is dead, but by saying that God is dead, they are already confessing that there at least was a God, and if there was a God, how can they prove he died? Have they found his tomb where he is still lying, turning to dust like mortal men? Have they found evidence that God no longer exists? Evidence is everywhere, in whatever direction we turn, that God does exist and that is He who has designed all things.

How could man declare the death of God, when any God, who is truly God, has to be eternal, supernatural and alive. Only false god’s and idols die, but the True God lives on. He was, he is and he shall be, forever God, and God alone.

When an atheist says that they don’t believe there is a God, why do they even have to say so, if there is no God? By their own words they confess that there is a God that they refuse to believe in. If God doesn’t exist, then why argue the point? The problem is that deep in their hearts, they know God exists, and so they must try to deny his existence in order to live without conviction for the rebellion in their hearts against a God that they don’t want to admit exists.

Christians are living in confusion; bound by the chains of doubt and often led astray by the wisdom of men that is nothing but foolishness in the eyes of the Lord. Can we not understand that God’s ways are far above our ways; that His thoughts are far above what we are able to fully comprehend; and that He is a God that does exist, that never changes, and that is personally involved in the affairs of men and the operations of all things in Creation? Only a fool would dismiss the fact that God exists. Only a fool would cast aside his only hope of eternal life. Only a fool would refuse to try to know a God that has his very life in his hands.

The absolute most important question of your life is this; “Is there truly a God, and if there is, what impact should God’s existence have on my life?”

Let’s turn to the Words of the True God; listen and learn of him. If God doesn’t exist, let’s find a way to prove it, and we have lost nothing but a little time. But if God does exist, and we fail to serve him and know him, then we lose all time and eternity.

Why is it that men so often deny the existence of God and refuse to believe that even if God does exist, that he has no interest in what is happening in their lives?

The first step in discovering whether God is Real, or if He is the Living God, is to take a leap of faith and believe, until your belief is proven false, that God is. For a moment, let that faith that is in every man, come alive and believe that He is and if he is, then we must also believe the Word that he has given in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is an inspired book – divinely inspired by the Holy Ghost as He alone moved upon the hearts of men over a 1600 year period to write words on 66 different books that all agree together to tell one single story. This alone has to be a great proof of God’s existence.

Throughout all of the history of mankind, dating back about 6000 years of recorded history, there is no other book that is written in such a manner. No other work of literature or history can be combined from so many authors, from so many various locations, that write their own personal words in a letter, or a record, that all agree completely, without any faults or disagreements in any area. Yet all of these separate books, written by many authors over a 1600 year period of time, when combined together, tell one single story – the story of Jesus Christ, the very Son of God, from Creation to Revelation, it’s all about Jesus. Every book, in its own way, tells us of the coming of a Messiah, One who would make a way for all men to be reconciled back to God.

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