Summary: Often we think of our strength, ability and education. We boast of our heritage and many other things. What about God and His role in our Life. Don't forget the grace of God.

2 Sam. 7:1-4

v.1. Settled-Rest from all his enemies

Will Satan leave you to enjoy the life on earth?

He got permission to tempt Job(1:7-12). He confessed that I will go through the temptations (23:10). Even if he kills me I will trust him(13:15). Job spoke very kind of God(42:7). Satan asked permission to test Disciples (Luke 22: 31-33). David too! once longed for rest and wanted to fly away to a resting place(Psalm 55:6-8). Satan blocked the blessings brought to Daniel (Dan.10:12-13). Satan left Jesus after tempting him(Luke 4:13).

The land was at rest because there was no war during the man of God Joshua(Joshua.11:23, 14:15, 21:44). King Solomon had a very peaceful kingdom(1 Kings 4:24,5:4, 1 Chronicles 22:9-he was named by God according to the life he will have). King Asa had a peaceful kingdom because God made it possible(2 Chronicles14:5-6).

Jesus Calls: “Come unto me I will give you rest”Mathew 11:28). He took our infirmities and carried our sorrows(Isaiah 53:4). Only the Divine presence will give you rest in your life journey (Exodus 33:14, Psalm 23:2). Enter in to the rest by faith(Hebrews 4:3,4,9,10).

v.2. My House & God’ dwelling Place: comparison.

David was living in His Palace of Cedar. Then he realized the dwelling of God. Often the blessings we receive and forget it. Many at times our hands become very short, when we don’t give place for God. Cedar was like our modern granite, marbles, teak wooden furniture, home theater. People who live in comforts, luxuries, never ever think of Church and its need. Dt.8:7-18 remember the Lord and do the good.

Give due time to God, due respect to His name, due respect to His people and His work.

1 Sam.2:20- Honor God.

-Worship the Lord in the splendor of His Holiness (Ps29:2),

-Exalt His Name (Ps.34:2,107:32).

-Those who seek early shall find me(8:17).

- bring all your first things and Tithe(Pr.3:9)

v.3-4. Counseling without and with God

Often people give their advises, suggestions as that of God. Yet there are different directions from God.

Call unto me(Jere.33:3). I will counsel you (Psa.32:8) God gives a timely counsel to the weary soul (Is.50:04). God directs the Kings hearts (Pr.21:1). A word at an appropriate time or aptly spoken is equal to Golden fruits on the silver plates(Pr.25:11). Pleasant words are a honey comb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones(Pr.16:24). Words of goads and nails are of a Shepherd(Eccl.12:11).

Safety in multitudes of counselors (Pr.11:14). Wise man listen to the advise (Pr.12:15). Plans fail by lack of counsels (Pr.15:22). Balaam is good example of counsel of God and Counsel of Men (Nu.23).

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