Summary: When we face difficult times in our lives, we will look around at others who aren’t suffering and ask: God, are you REALY fair?

TEXT: Habakkuk 1:12-2:5

TITLE: God, Are You Really Fair?

SERIES: Questions We Ask God

TOPIC: Trusting in God

OCCASION: Burnside Christian Church, September 14, 2008

PROP.: When we face difficult times in our lives, we will look around at others who aren’t suffering and ask: God, are you REALY fair?

INTRODUCTION: We are looking at QUESTIONS WE ASK GOD. There are situations and circumstances that each of us will undoubtedly face in our life that will cause us to question God. To question his existence, his plans, his love.

Today, we find ourselves still in the book of Habakkuk. Hopefully you have it bookmarked from last week so you won’t have trouble finding it this week!

The question we pose to God today is: GOD, ARE YOU REALLY FAIR?

We all have an inherent sense of fairness don’t we? Whether it was on the play ground playing kickball and someone wasn’t playing according to the rules; or whether it was observing a more elaborate present our brother or sister received - we want to be treated the same!

This question that we are going to ask of God: Are you really Fair? Is formed because at times, you will face difficult times in life and when you look around, you can see someone who totally isn’t a God-follower and their life is perfect! They aren’t suffering with health issues, or money problems. We want God to treat us the same as He treats others!

Our text takes us to Habakkuk chapter 1 starting in verse 12.

Let me remind you of what has happened so far.

In the beginning of chapter 1, Habakkuk complains to God because of the immorality and violence that is so rampant in Judah.

People were not willing to listen to the message or the messenger. They were not willing to come back to God. And so Habakkuk complains to God about it.

So God tells Habakkuk His plans to bring His people back to Him. Go says, “I’m going to bring in the Babylonian army and there will be a lot of discipline until my people get right!”

Well, here in our text this morning, Habakkuk doesn’t like the sound of God’s plans and so Habakkuk brings forth the question: God, are you really fair? Then why are you allowing this to happen to us? Why are you allowing this season of suffering to come uon me and your people?

First, what we will deal with…

I. Exposing the Wrong Perspective! 1:12 - 1:17

If the truth were known today, you’ve come here and you’ve formed some thoughts about what God is like and how God works and you’ve had some disappointments. Today we’re going to deal with those views of God. And that’s what Habakkuk is doing.

Because until you can have the RIGHT perspective on who God is; you need to identify that you have had a wrong perspective.

Let’s start with verse 12 of our text:

12 O LORD, are you not from everlasting?

My God, my Holy One, we will not die.

One of the things that can cause us to have a wrong perspective of God is:

A. God’s actions vs. God’s nature! Vs. 12a

See, what Habakkuk is doing is he is telling God what he’s like. He’s rehearsing God’s nature to Him. “God, I can’t reconcile what you’re doing with who you are, God.”

We’ve heard this in our culture today: “If God is love, how can he let people suffer?”

Habakkuk gives four descriptions of God:

He calls Him…

1. Lord - Yaweh. This is God’s personal name. God, I know you!

2. God - Elohim. This is a generic term for God referring to him as a

POWERFUL CREATOR. Not destroyer, God. Creator!

3. Holy One - The Hebrew is Ka-desh. God, you are so pure and holy, without

moral blemish. Surely you wouldn’t injure the people you love.

4. My ROCK - You are a rock. You’re stable . You’re unshakable. You’re


And at the end of verse 12, Habakkuk says: “we will not die.”

At the essence of a lot of the trials that we go through, there is a basic comfort in knowing that we are not going to die! You will get through this! But you say, “Wait, I’m facing a terminal illness.” Well still, if you are a follower of Christ, YOU. WILL. NOT. DIE.

You may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but like 2 seconds after you die, you’ll be like, “I’m sooooo out of here. I’m done with medication! I’m done with hospitals. I’m done with pain!”

Christian…take comfort in knowing…WE WILL NOT DIE!

Another thing that can cause us to have the wrong perspective of God is…

B. God’s actions vs. my pain (vs. 12b - 17)

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