Summary: This Message show the Power of God through simplistic means.

God Can Do Great Things By Simple Means

2 Kings 5: 4-14


Naaman was highly favored and looked upon for his military success . But one problem he was a leper and therefore, by Mosaic Law he should have been excluded from society; However, because of His Position - His Condition was overlooked and he was free to help others when he needed help.

There was no one special but a Hebrew slave, who cared for Naaman’s wife, who tells naaman that there is a prophet of Israel who could remove his leprosy. Naaman got a letter from the King whom he had found favor with that same letter he had sent to the King of Israel and his ridiculous behavior gets to Elisha and Elisha sends a message to Naaman to go to the Jordan River and wash seven times.

Naaman evidently wanted a sign from the Prophet Elisha so he saddles up his horses and goes down to the Prophet Elisha’s front Door with him he had:

1) Ten Talents of Silver - 3,421 Pounds

2) Six Thousand Pieces of Gold

3) Ten Changes of Fine Clothing

All of this and Elisha did not even come to the door because he had got his order from God and had given it to his servant to tell Naaman to go to the river Jordan and wash seven times even though this water has no known tendency to remove this leprosy, but there is need for God to show His Healing Power.

The same God who is the:

1) Author of Life

2) Author of Health

3) Author of Salvation

The same God who coveys his message as he pleases.

Naaman Has Four Problems With Elisha:

1) Elisha did not come out and greet authority.

2) Elisha did not hear the orders of his God.

3) Elisha did not call upon God in his presence.

4) Elisha did not strike the place needing healing.

Naaman thus complains that the Abana and Pharpar Rivers of Damascus are better than all the Rivers of Israel. In rage he turned away and his help Who’s Not Called Or Chosen but a servant unto Naaman. Says My father , giving him the Highest respect, tells him if the prophet had told you something hard to do or expensive to your budget you wouldn’t be struggling with his prophesy, but because this act is so easy you’re grieved in your spirit, Hearing his servant does as the Prophet Elisha says and went down seven times and his flesh had the appearance as a little child.

Four Helpful Tips

1) Chosen and Called Do Need Encouragement

2) The Timing of God is not always in Natural time.

2 Kings 5: 7-9

3) Don’t Over Spiritualize Your Expectations

2 Kings 5: 10-12

4) We Must Listen To The Truth of our help.

2 Kings 5: 12-14

God Can Do Great Things By Simple Means

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