Summary: You don’t have to live a life of failure. That is God’s promise to those who have a personal relationship with Him in Jesus Christ.

Life is like a battlefield. It is filled with wars that we must conquer. Not only we have to battle the wars around us, but we also have to overcome the battle within us. All of us desire to win over them. Thus, we pursue those things and give everything we have to those that can ensure us victory.

Truths About Winning …

*There are only two roads we can choose that can lead us to our pursuit for a victorious and successful life. Man’s way or God’s way. The big difference between the two, God’s way produces real peace, joy and eternal wealth.

*God loves us the way we are even if we have failed many times. But He doesn’t want us to remain failures. He wants us to experience the joy of having a victorious life. He desires to remove the pain of defeat from our lives. He does not want us to live a life of failure. He wants to give us a life filled with victories. He wants us to be overcomers. Even if we have failed in the past, He can change us into a person of victory.

*Jehovah Nissi means God is my Banner. He is all sufficient to lead and provide me towards victory.

God is the God of Victory. If we choose to face life through His way, then the promise of winning will always be enjoyed by us.

*We can experience this life when we lift our lives to God in surrender ( Exodus 17:15-16 ).

Turning Failures into Victories Can Happen if we....

(1) Know God by giving our lives to Him through prayer and meditation of His word. (Daniel 11:32; John 15 )

(2) Renew our minds regarding our identity base on His Word by discovering and holding on to His promises .

( Proverbs 23:7;Romans 12:2 )

(3) Remove the “ I CAN’T” in our vocabulary. ( Philippians 4:13 )

(4) Plan and Pray until something happens. ( Exodus 17:8-9; Luke 18:1-8 )

(5) Suroround ourselves with people who can build and motivate our faith and confidence. (Exodus 17:12; see also Hebrews 10:24-25 )

(6) Don’t quit. ( Philippians 3:13-14 )

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