Summary: God does not call us to Superhuman status. Rather, he calls us to Overcome. (three-point outline with optional intro.)

Launching Text: 1 Kings 19 vv.1-21


People who are perfectionists tend to see the world in black and white. We often feel like we're superhuman, able to take on anything-- until we discover a flaw. Then we come crashing down and consider ourselves completely worthless. This "all or nothing" thinking can be very dangerous to the ongoing process of our effective walk with Christ. The prophet Elijah is one of the great heroes of the Bible. If anyone had reason to feel superhuman, it was him. his prayers brought a lengthy drought upon Israel, and later brought down fire from heaven, humiliating queen Jezebel and her priests of Baal. (1 Kings 19:1-21)

Three Point Outline:

A. We ALL are subject to having a bad day, etc.

1. Elijah asked God to take his life due to his fear. ( 1 Kings 19:4)

2. Peter denied Christ. (Luke 22, vv. 54-65)

B. We are subject to guaranteed failure at some point. It is HOW WE RESPOND to failure that makes the true difference.

1. Judas miserably failed Christ, he responded by committing suicide. (Luke 22 vv. 47-48; Matthew 27:5)

2. Peter also failed Christ (as demonstrated supra.) but repented and continued a strong walk with our Lord. ( Matthew 26:75, etc.)

3. All fall short of the standards of God.(Romans 3:23)

4. Salvation from sin is conditional upon trust in Christ. (Romans 3:22)

C. While we are not Called to be superhuman, we ARE called to OVERCOME.

1. Christ told us to rely on him to deal with our problems. (1 peter 5:7)

2. We are called to be victorious (that is, to "overcome"), We do this by following Christ. (Revelation 2:26, Revelation 3:21).

Notes: Feel free to further elaborate this outline for your purposes. You may also freely reproduce this material under creative commons,

so long as you do not sell it for any purpose, with or without regard to profit.

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