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Summary: "Think outside the box?" What box? God isnt limited to a box!


Text: Ezekiel 12:25

"Think outside the box?" What box? God isnt limited to a box! Sometimes God chooses to do things the same way. He opens the Red Sea for His people to cross to the other side, and He opens the Jordan River for His people to cross to the other side. He enables David to kill a lion, a bear, and a giant with his slingshot.

Then there are those times when God decides to do things differently:

-"Moses, strike the rock," and "Moses, speak to the rock."

Theres no box to these occurrences!

-"Sun, stand still,"

-getting tax money out of a fishs mouth,

-spitting on the ground, making clay out it, and putting it on a blind mans eyes,

-providing what was needed at a wedding by turning water into wine,

-walking around the walls of a city for seven days and then shouting, and the walls fall down,

-enabling Samson to kill a thousand enemy soldiers with an animals jawbone,

-and three Hebrew young men walking around in a burning, fiery furnace that has been heated seven times hotter than normal, and yet they walk out of that furnace with no burns and not even the smell of smoke on them!

There are two possible explanations for what happen in Swan Quarter, North Carolina, in 1876. It was either the most outstanding coincidence, or an act of God - literally.

The Methodist Episcopal Church South needed a new building, so when someone donated a lot on Oyster Creek Road, they accepted. It was low-lying land, so they constructed a sturdy, little, white-frame church and put it up on brick pilings. Days later a storm lashed the town, and those within sight of Oyster Creek Road witnessed something amazing. The church building - still intact - was afloat!

The flood had lifted it off its pilings and sent it down the road. They tried to moor it with ropes, but the church building moved on. At the town center, as dozens of people watched helplessly, it made a sharp, inexplicable right turn and continued on.

Finally, in the same decisive manner, it veered off the road. It headed straight for a vacant lot, and stopped dead in the center! The flood waters eventually receded, but the building is still there. In fact, 130 years have passed since the church, now called Providence Methodist Church, floated itself to the most desirable property in town. What's amazing is this: The lot where it settled had originally been the congregation's first choice for their building, but landowner Sam Sadler turned them down. The morning after the flood he presented the pastor with the deed.

"For I am the Lord. I speak, and the word which I speak will come to pass." Ezekiel 12:25. No doubt about it; when God makes up His mind, nothing gets in His way!

So what miracle are you needing from the Lord? The Holy Ghost never runs out of creative ideas! Are you facing a crucial situation that seems to have come to a standstill, a dead-end, and you honestly dont what is the best thing to do now?

-Ask God to give you a creative idea of what should be done.

-Ask him to move in your situation in the way that He thinks is best.

-Listen carefully to what He says, be obedient, and watch for your miracle!


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