Summary: There are many who foolishly believe that God does not Exist - Do you have an answer ready for them ?

There are those who argue that God does not exist - especially amongst those who have first hand witnessed some tragedy and feel that if He did exist He would not have allowed it. I truely hope that by now that is none of you, but I like this dialogue to help comment on the point.

Barbershop Dialogue:

The Bible says to have an answer for why you believe to those who ask


This is a good example of an answer to one of the most common reasons

people give for ignoring God and His goodness.

A man went to a barbershop to have his hair and his beard cut as always.

He began to have a good conversation with the barber who attended him.

They talked about so many things and various subjects.

Suddenly, they touched on the subject of God. The barber said: "Look

man, I don’t believe that God exists."

"Why do you say that?" asked the customer.

"Well, it’s so easy, you just have to go out in the street to realize

that God does not exist. Oh, tell me, if God exists, would there be so many

sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If God exists, there would be neither

suffering nor pain. I can’t think of loving a God who permits all of these


The customer thought for a moment, but he didn’t respond because he did

not want to start an argument. The barber finished his job and the customer

left the shop. Just after he left the barbershop, he saw a man in the street

with long hair and a beard. It was very long, and a long time since he had

his hair cut and he looked dirty and unkempt.

The customer entered the barber shop again and he said to the barber:

"You know what? Barbers do not exist."

"How can you say they don’t exist?" asked the surprised barber. "I am

here and I am a barber. Why, I just worked on you!"

"No!" the customer exclaimed. "Barbers don’t exist because if they did

there would be no people with long hair and beard like that man who is


"Ah, barbers do exist. What happens is that people do not come to me."

"Exactly!" affirmed the customer. "That’s the point! God does exist.

What happens is people don’t go to Him and do not look for Him. That’s

why there’s so much pain and suffering in the world."

It is a given in most all of us that God does exist and because he does we know from the Bible that we have an obligation to prepare ourselves to argue that cause with those who still do not see the light.

Some statistics I recently recieved from Bill Glass’s - Weekend of Champions

Prison Ministry program showed that surveys have made it apparant that of those who have been led to a relationship with Jesus - amazing only 15% of them have claimed to actually been led there from some evangelitical happening (such as a church service or TV ministry), but that instead 85% of them have claimed that they were led there by a one-on-one discussion with a good Christian or witnessing a good Christian’s example of what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

It is further noted by that organization that on average those who were led had heard about Jesus an average of 7.5 times before finally giving in and establishing a relationship with Him.

I hope that points out to you the Bible’s clear charge to all of us Christians to go out and spread the word. Also most importantly do not dispair of those who do not immediately heed the word. You will have done your job in the offering of it and the planting of that most important seed.

It is the job of the Lord to decide when he will allow that seed to sprout. Dispare not, Once instilled it is the job of the Holy Spirit to make it actually happen. You should understanding that it may take numerous "plantings" before us hard hearted and headed humens will allow it to germinate.

You will have done your job and I promise you that if you but keep trying you will encounter those who have already reached their quota of 7.5 hearing of the word and it may well be your sharing that trips the scale and finally allows a lost soul to truely "see the light".

Share the word unashamedly and do not dispair when it is not received - it is a tough battle we fight, but we are winning - one soul at a time, so hold your Christian banner high and be proud that you are a soldier of Christ and by all means do your part and plant the seeds as the Bible admonishes us to do.

You shall be blessed for it.

- Have a blessed day and Share -

† Yours in Christ †

Dennis C.

Christian Fellowship

Cocoa Beach, Florida

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