Summary: The Christian duty to praise God


LK. 17.17

Praise is an expression of approval or admiration, of gratitude and devotion for blessings received from God. When there is praise of God the vessels of praise is acknowledging God’s perfections, God’s works, and God’s benefits. Praise and thanksgiving are generally considered as synonymous: praise properly terminates in God, on account of His natural excellencies and perfections, and is that act of devotion by which we confess and admire His attributes; but thanksgiving is a more contracted duty and imports only a grateful sense and acknowledgment of past mercies. We praise God for all His glorious acts of every kind, that regard either us or other men; but we thank Him, properly speaking, for the instances of His goodness alone, and for such only of these as we ourselves are in some way concerned.

The praise of man toward God is the means by which we express our joy to the Lord. We are to praise God both for who He is and for what He does (Ps 150:2). Praising God for who He is called adoration; praising Him for what He does is known as thanksgiving. Praise of God may be in song or prayer, individually or collectively, spontaneous or prearranged, originating from the emotions or from the will.

With God as Its Object: In the Bible it is God who is especially brought before us as the object of praise. This is why the saints of God should be mindful of self-praise or praise to man. It is the whole creation of God that praises Him, the angels of heaven those lower existences that are unconscious consisting of trees, rocks, birds, and other animal life. If all these can praise God – what about YOU:

Those whom God has blessed

Those whom God has set free

Those whom God has delivered

Those whom God has healed

Those whom God has keep

It is with the praises offered to God by the saints of God that should have a duty of thanking God.

(1) The grounds of praise. – Saints should praise God for His inherent qualities, for His majesty, and for His holiness. Praise in this manner as it is stimulated from the heart -- fills the mind, as He is "glorified as God" What is your grounds for praise? What has God done for you? He is praised for His works in your life. . . If you are breathing – you have reason for praise. . . .

He is praised for His operations in your life – how He has protected you – how He has kept the enemy back. . . . How He has provided for you. . . . His personal love for you and the church. The grounds of praise become benefits, from benefits -- blessing and from blessings -- thanksgiving.

(2) The modes of praise. - True praise of God, as distinguished from false praise. It’s a proven fact that most people are afraid to praise God. . . . But all that give praise do not praise the same way. . . . There are various modes of praise. . . . Some praise with inward emotion-a gladness and rejoicing of the heart. . .. Some praise music of the soul and spirit which no language can adequately express . . . . . Then there are those that don’t mind utterance – don’t mind showing strong emotion – don’t mind crying out -- as the mouth instinctively strives to express the praises of the heart.

Further, the spirit of praise is a spirit of song. When God fills the heart with praise He puts a new song into the mouth (Ps 40:3).

(3) The duty of praise. - Praise is represented in the Bible as a duty no less than a natural impulse. To fail in this duty is to withhold from God’s glory that belongs to Him. If God is in you – there should be some praise. . . Not to praise God is to shut one’s eyes to the signs of His presence, to be forgetful of His mercies, and unthankful for His kindness. If the saints fall into these sins, and fail to give to God the honor and glory and gratitude we owe Him, the church then fail to cultivate the spirit and habit of praise.

Look with me as our text reveal how Jesus was disappointed of the praise of men He had just healed.

As Jesus came into Jerusalem and passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee – He came into a certain village. . . Entering into the village there were ten men that recognized they need His mercy. . . Is there anybody here today that need His mercy. . .

These men were lepers --- and they realized that the only way back to their families and a normal life was through Jesus. . . Because of their condition – being afar off they shouted Jesus – Master, have mercy on us. .. How far were you away when you called on Jesus??

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