Summary: to instill hope for the Christian, regardless of what comes up

Purpose: to instill hope for the Christian, regardless of what comes up

See the bulletin for this day. I took notes on the ‘sermon page’ by reading through 20+ sermons at sermon central on Easter, then adapting my own style to connect with our congregation.


Used this illustration

A. Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book: Mowgli, the man cub, asks the animals what’s

the most feared thing in the jungle. He’s told that when two animals meet on a narrow

path that one must step aside and let the other pass. The animal that steps aside for no

one would then be the most feared.

Mowgli wants to know what kind of animal would that be? One tells him it’s an

elephant. Another tells him it’s a lion. Finally the wise old owl exclaims, “The most

feared thing in the jungle is death. It steps aside for no one.”

From sermon central. TITLE: “YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOD-MAN DOWN” by Michael Luke. Based on Luke 24:1-8

Transition: “Death is the most feared thing, but Christ has conquered death. He is risen! So what is your problem!”

Read text: Matthew 28:1-10

Look at the Biblical Record to help connect God’s word with the congregation:

1. God had other plans. Even when Christ was born, the leaders of that day sought to kill him. But God had other plans.

2. There was a women caught in adultery and the leaders of that day sought to kill her. But God had other plans. Jesus did not condone her lifestyle but forgave it and then told her to sin no more

3. The blind were healed, the lame walked, and the spiritually sick found salvation because God had other plans

My dear friends. God has other plans for your life too. He is Risen! Can you turn to your neighbor right now and tell him, Neighbor, He is Risen. God had other plans!



Even scientists are stumped by there own response to what is infallible proof¡

Science says if there is any such thing as infallible proof, it is the repetition of the same experiment.

Jesus rose from the dead, and Mary Magdalene encountered him¡ experiment one. The women encountered him¡ experiment two. The disciples encountered him¡ experiment three. The apostles encountered him¡ experiment four. Five hundred people saw him after the Resurrection¡ experiment five.

Each one of these is the repetition of the same experiment. They all encountered the same phenomenon. What was it? He was alive! That’s what changed the history of the world.

Sermoncentral. From Eric Darr

Has He Risen? Luke 24:1-24:12

The proof is that His disciples saw Him, many others too saw Him, and you my dear Christian friend have seen Him because you have witnessed in your life hope when there was despair, peace when there was turmoil, and love when there was hate all around you. HE IS RISEN. Say that with me, won’t you this day, HE IS RISEN. PRAISE HIS NAME

Why then do we look for the living among the dead? That is what the angel asked the women who came to peer into that tomb that first Easter Morning. Why do we get so wrapped up in a problem that we don’t look up to see Jesus who is Risen. He is Risen

Illustration. Be funny. Focus is having tunnel vision and not looking to Jesus

A teen looks to her parents, and tells them. Why are you so mean. All the other kids parents are doing it. You are just impossible to live with. And the parents look at each other, and cry out ‘Why is this child of mine so impossible to live with”

But this day my friends, “He is Risen. He is Risen indeed.

There is a newspaper clipping that I want to read to you.

ILLUS: There was an item printed in Newsweek magazine a few years ago. It was a letter from

the Greenville County, South Carolina, Department of Social Services. The letter was written to

a dead person. It said: "To whom it may concern: Your food stamps will be stopped effective

immediately, because we have received notice that you passed away. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances."

From sermon central. By John Beehler. “Death and Taxes”

Matthew 28:1-28:10

There are problems in your life this day that just don’t have to be dealt with in the wrong way. The Stone that was over that tomb was rolled away, and the stone that is over your heart has been rolled away if you are a Christian. Let Jesus shine. Let life not be about you, but Him. He is Risen. Say it with me again. He is Risen Indeed.

In ?, I have one more story to tell you

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