Summary: Since God Has Spoken To Us, Are We Really Listening To What He Is Saying?


1. As I Mentioned Last Sunday Morning, We Will Be Focusing Our Attention This Year On Our Rich Heritage Of Faith!

- And, In Order For Us To Consider The Object Of Our Heritage Of Faith – The Lord Jesus Christ – We Are Going To Explore The Book Of Hebrews Together!

2. So, This Morning, Let’s Turn To Hebrews 1 - The First Chapter Of This Wonderful Book That Elevates Christ To The Highest Position Of Our Faith!

3. IE: “There was a TV commercial in which two people were having a conversation in some public setting, with all kinds of activity going on around them. They were talking about financial investments, when one of them said, “My broker is Merrill Lynch and Merrill Lynch says . . .” Then, everybody in the room stops what they are doing in order to listen in to what is coming next. Then the announcer’s voice says, “When Merrill Lynch speaks, people listen!”

- Have You Ever Known Someone That When They Spoke, You Really Listened?

- Why Did You Listen To Them?

- Was It Their Impressive Delivery? Or Was It The Content Of Their Message? Was It Something That You Wanted To Hear Or Learn About?

- Most People Only Really Listen To Those Who They Want To Hear From!

- My Question For You This Morning Is: Are You Really Listening To God?

- Do You Want To Hear From Him?

4. Hebrews 1:1-3 Teaches Us That: God Has Spoken! Read Hebrews 1:1-3! God Has Spoken!

- And My Challenge To You Is: Are You Listening?

5. The First Two Verses Answer The Question:

- How Has God Spoken?

- God First Spoke Through His Reliable Servants!

- 1:1 - “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets!”

- When Has God Spoken? “In Time Past!” God Has Always Revealed Himself To Man! Because Of His Love & Mercy! God Has Always Been Consistent In His Revelation!

- Who Did God Speak To? “Unto The Fathers!” Those Whom God Chose To Show Himself To! Those Who Used What God Showed Them!

- Who Did God Speak Through? “By The Prophets!” Those Who Faithfully Recorded What God Said! So That We Know Exactly What God Said!

- He Did So: “At Sundry Times & In Divers Manners!” Over A Period Of Thousands Of Years! Through Dreams, Visions, Handwriting, & Direct Conversation!

- What A Wonderful Truth: That God Has Spoken In The Past! And We Have His Inspired Words In Our Old Testament! But That Was Then – This Is Now!

- What About Now?

- Hebrews Reveals That As Great & Wonderful As The Old Testament Revelation Is, There Is A Greater & A Better Revelation!

- Now God Speaks Through His Revealing Son!

- 1:2a - “Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son!”

- God Did Not Just Speak “In Time Past!” But He Speaks Even Now, “In These Last Days!”

- God Did Not Just Speak To “The Fathers!” But He Speaks Even Now, “To Us!” To You!

- God Did Not Just Speak Through “The Prophets!” But He Speaks Even Now, “By His Son!” Through The Lord Jesus Christ!

- Jesus Christ Is How God Has Spoken To You! It Is A Continuation Of His Speaking! It Is A Completion Of His Speaking!

- God Has Spoken! Are You Listening?

- Why Should You Listen To God’s Son? Because He Reveals To You Everything You Need To Know About God! Because He Is The Living Word Of God!

- In The Rest Of Verse 2 Through Verse 3, We See Six Important Reasons To Listen To God’s Revealing Son!

I. Jesus Christ Is The Sovereign Word!

- Have You Ever Wondered What Everything Is For? This Universe? This World? Your Own Existence? Then You Need Listen To God’s Son, Who Is The Sovereign Word!

- 1:2b - “Whom he hath appointed heir of all things!”

- An “Heir” Is Someone Who Has A Rightful Claim To Someone’s Estate! IE: A Customer Dies - According To Their Will, Their Children Has The Right To Receive All Of Her Money! They Eventually Received It & It Became Theirs! Of Course, After Taxes, Nobody Could Take It Away From Them!

- God The Father Has Placed / Appointed His Only Begotten Son To Be The “Heir Of All Things!” Which Means Everything Belongs To Jesus! Everything! Everything Is His! Everything Is Under His Care! Everything Is Under His Control! Everything! Including & Especially You! Everything About You! Everything That Surrounds You! Everything!

- God Has Spoken To You Through His Sovereign Word!

- Are You Listening?

II. Jesus Christ Is The Supreme Word!

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Mel Steele

commented on Mar 22, 2019

Hi, the book of Hebrews I was wondering was the person who was speaking this sermon tothe Jewish Christians in Rome, was the same person who wrote it down? I imagine the person who is delivering this sermon is standing up high and tryin to shout this out to make the people listen.

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