Summary: Learned how to pray according to the will of God.

Get Connected: A Daily Pattern for Prayer

"God I Want To Do Your Will"

We just started a new series of messages that I have entitled “Get Connected: A Daily Pattern for Prayer”.

We are looking at the famous Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew chapter 6. The disciples had heard Jesus pray that had seen Jesus pray and they knew that when He prayed He received what He asked for. And so they wanted to have a successful prayer life and so they asked the Lord to teach them to pray.

And so Jesus sets forth for us here a pattern for prayer that we can use in our daily life that will keep us focused on what to pray for and how to pray so our prayers can be more effective and so we can receive more what we ask for in prayer.

My prayer for you is that through this study your intimacy with the Lord will grow deeper and increase. I have to say there is nothing more fulfilling than intimacy with the Lord. The things we try to fill our life with will never satisfy us like intimacy with God. Trying to fill the void with a selfish desire or some sin we are addictd too will never satisfy us like intimacy with God.

We have to commit to making prayer a daily discipline in our life. We will never be the man or women of God that the Lord created us to be until we get this area of our life in order. Jesus told the disciples when it came to prayer that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I’m mean most of us if we are honest we really want to pray. We really want to grow in our intimacy with God but we just don’t have the discipline to do it like we should. We can’t do this apart from the Spirit of God. We need His help.

Last week we looked at verse 9… “Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be Your name.” NAS

When we start our prayers the main focus needs to be on God and who God is and how powerful He is. That He’s our Father. We know Him personally. We have a relationship with Him. He saved us. And think about how powerful and awesome He is (i.e. – field trip to cavern and mine and the beauty God has created beneath the surface of the earth - crystals, gold, rock). And so we need to start our prayers by thanking and praising God for who He is in our lives and all He has done to save us and to thank Him that He is our Father who loves and cares personally for us. And He is all-powerful. This is mighty God we approach and He’s our Father and He has all power over everything and He can answer any prayer we have. There is nothing I can ask God for that he can’t do it He wants too. No Mountain your facing He can’t remove. No ocean so deep He can’t help you out of. There is nothing on earth too hard for God. This is an all-powerful God we approach in prayer.

We need to recognized not only is He our Father, but He is a holy God. This is a holy God we approach. When we approach this holy God it should reveal to us how unholy we are it should reveal sin in our life that needs to be confessed. For the Lord said that He saved us so we might be set apart as a holy people unto Himself.

And because He is our Father and He is Holy, He is worthy of our praise. God loves when we praise Him and thank Him for who He is.

So start your prayers by saying "God I praise you". God never tires by hearing how much we praise Him for who He is and all He has done for us.

Matthew 6:10 "Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." NAS

I almost titled this message "God I want to know your will."

And the reality is, for most of us we really want to know God’s will for our life. Ask the average person do they want to know God’s will for their life and they will say absolutely.

We might even want to do some of God’s will but the truth for most of us is we are more attracted to God telling us what His will is for our life than being totally obedient to doing God’s will.

We want to know…

What school should I attend?

Who should I date?

Who should I marry?

What career should I choose?

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