Summary: This Is A Sermon That will encourage the saints to know that god is able to carry you through every situation that you may be carring God Is Able...

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-----------------The Epistle Of Jude------------------

----------------------Chapter 1------------------------

24: Now unto him who is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the Presence of his Glory with Exceeding Joy.....


Scripture: Jude 1:24 verse

Text: God Is Able.........

This was wrriten by Jude the brother of Jesus and James. It was Written to the Jewish Christians, and the believers everywhere. The Purpose was to remind the Church to be Watchful & to keep strong in the Faith and Hold On To The Truth

Elbow somebody & say "Hold To The Truth"

For the Bible declares that "Let Every Man Be A Lier An His Word Be True". In this book that the people had began to Twist God’s Truth, seeking to decieve and destroy the people who were unwacthful of their souls. People of God dodn’t you Know that when you are not careful of your soul the devil can easily rip you of your Salvation. That’s why it is important to read the Word of God and find yourself knowing the Word Of God. For the Bible Declares that "For My People Perish For the Lack Knowledge". For there are so many preachers that has change religion in not to believe in God you got people that are now writing their own Bibles, you got the Jehovah witness that doesn’t even believe in Christ.

But no matter what people think, say, & do God’s Word shall stand. I beleieve that it was David that "Thy Word have I Hid In My Heart That I Might Not Sin Against It". Paul also said that to " Be Careful For Nothing But In Everything By Prayer And Supplication". So no matter what God’s Word is gonna stand. For that bible declares that "The Grass May Withered And The Flowers But The Word Of Our God Shall Stand Forever".

This was Jude’s message to the Christians everywhere. Not only that but II Peter and the book of James were both dealing with the very similar in thought and language. They both were dealing with the Dangers Confronting the Church. And I came to find out that Nothing is Wrong with the Church Going Out Onto The World, But Something Is Wrong When The World Starts Coming Intop The Church. But thats why Jude said the the Saints should "Contend To Their Faith" By Rejecting all Fasle Teaching. Because as I take a look and notice how so many young and old christians are not going to make it into Heaven because of the Wrong Teaching . But I made Up In My Mind That I’am Goin to Hold Until Thee End.

Reach over & Slap your neighbor and tell them to "Contend To Your Faith"

Hold on to it and Don’t let go of Your Faith. "For Faith Comes By Hearing And Hearing Come By Th Word Of God".


Now Jude was Telling them that in these times we are rapidly approaching the time of the Ascension of the Lord. But as for the time being we must "Stand Strong And Hold On To Your Faith". Yes I no that it might get tought sometimes but But Stand Strong. You may have to cry sometimes but Hold on and Satnd Strong for It was Paul that told Galitia to "Standfast therfore In The Liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and be not Entangle again with the Yoke Of Bondage.

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